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An Open Letter To Panic Purchasers

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dear Fuckwits,


What’re you… stupid?

Oh… wait.

That’s a rhetorical question.

Look you selfish dimbulbs, this week I’ll need eggs, milk, flour, peanut butter and some meat – it makes no difference the type, beef, pork, fowl, etc. I would just like to have some protein in my diet, and I’m not a vegetarian.

So, I go to the grocery store, and what do I NOT find?

Meat – of every type – poultry, beef, pork, including seafood
Toilet paper – trees must be extinct
Flour – wheat must be extinct
Peanut butter – same song, second verse, second verse same as the first

NEVER in my life have I ever panic purchased anything… EVER!

And thanks EXCLUSIVELY to your unthinking, unkind, selfish stupidity, I will not have meat for the foreseeable future. That’s because I don’t stalk the grocery stores to purchase every goddamn thing just because I think that chickens, pigs, cows, trees, and wheat are, or will be suddenly extinct.

Fortunately, I don’t need toilet paper, because YOU ASSHOLES have purchased EVERY goddamn sheet on EVERY shelf in EVERY store EVERYWHERE!

You know, one gets the impression that you bunch of living, breathing tadpole-brained troglodytes have just discovered that you have rectums, and colons which experience peristalsis. I mean, after all… you must be shitting your brains out since you’ve purchased every goddamned sheet in every mother-fucking store.

And as for hand sanitizer and soap, one distinctly gets the impression that you have JUST NOW discovered Personal Hygiene and Public Health. You sons of bitches will probably re-elect POS45, too, won’t you?

Of course, the corollary to that, is that, by your behavior, you are obliquely acknowledging that you were – and probably still are – pig-ass nasty, to begin with.

You all are a collective shit-for-brains bunch of assholes, who aren’t worth the goddamned time of day.

It’s not just me who feels that way, either.

A RN friend needs toilet paper for her family.

You fucktards also made a Critical Care RN in England break down in tears because of your thoughtless selfishness.

“Just stop it please”: Tearful Nurse urges the public to stop panic buying food after she was unable to buy basic items following a 48-hour shift

  • Dawn Bilbrough, 51, from York, was unable to purchase basic foods from shop 
  • Critical Care Nurse had just come off 48-hour shift at work when she made video 
  • She tearfully urged the general public to stop stripping supermarket shelves 

By Bhvishya Patel for Mailonline
Published: 19:33 EDT, 19 March 2020 – Updated: 20:09 EDT, 20 March 2020

A distraught Critical Care Nurse who was unable to buy basic foods following a 48-hour shift has urged shoppers to stop stripping supermarket shelves amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In her heartbreaking appeal, Dawn Bilbrough, 51, from York, who had just completed a lengthy and exhausting shift, explained that she had visited her supermarket to pick up basic food items for the next two days when she was left having “a little cry.”

After discovering there were no fruit and vegetables for her to sustain a healthy living amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the healthcare worker made a tearful plea to the public urging them to “just stop it.”

The nurse took to Facebook from the seat of her car to tell the nation:

So I’ve just come out the supermarket. There’s no fruit and veg and I had a little cry in there.

“I’m a critical care nurse and I’ve just finished 48 hours of work and I just wanted to get some stuff in for the next 48 hours.

“There’s no fruit, there’s no vegetables and I just don’t know how I’m supposed to stay healthy!

“Then those people who are just stripping the shelves of basic foods… you just need to stop it because it’s people like me that are going to be looking after you when you are at your lowest and just stop it, please!”

After sharing the emotional video, Ms. Bilbrough was flooded with messages of support from concerned friends and loved ones, with some offering her some of their very own food items.

At the grocery store where I regularly shop, I stood aghast staring at empty shelves where the peanut butter would have been. There wasn’t anything remotely resembling peanut butter to be had. A young gentleman came by with a few items in his arms, and was replacing them on adjacent shelves, and I spoke to him.

“Excuse me,” I said, “do you work here?”

“Yes, I do,” he replied, as he turned toward me. His name tag identified him as an Assistant Store Manager.

“How long has this stupidity been going on?,” I asked.

“At least three weeks,” he said, shaking his head.

“When’s it going to stop?,” I asked further.

“There are others who can’t buy things, because the same people are lining up at 6AM when the truck arrives and are buying basketfuls of the same things every time,” he explained, adding that, “It’s obviously way more than they need.”

He continued by saying, “We’ve asked corporate to stop sending the resupply trucks at the same time of day, so that others could have an opportunity to get some things – because it’s the same people every time buying way more than they need – but they won’t,” he explained with an air of exasperation.

He explained further saying, “They’ll come in maybe wanting to buy oatmeal,” as he turned and gestured toward the now-barren, once-full shelves, “but the brand, type, or flavor they want isn’t available, so they’ll buy just anything – regardless of the price, or flavor, or anything – and much, much more than they’ll ever need.”

“I just don’t understand it,” I replied. “I’ve been in a few natural disasters in my time, some which were catastrophically severe, wiping out entire cities, and communities – but I’ve NEVER panic purchased… NOT EVER!,” I exclaimed exasperatedly.

We spoke a few more words, and I thanked him for his time, and he bid me well, as we parted ways.

Fortunately, Fate was with me – at least in some regard – and I substituted smoked ground sausage for the meat, and was able to purchase peanuts, sunflower seeds (both sources of protein), milk and 18 large eggs (protein), and French bread at another store, cheese (protein) at this store, while the only flour remaining was a whole wheat package – one, of about three remaining.

As for my little puppy… after refunding another inferior product which she didn’t eat, I was able to purchase the dry dog food which she regularly eats, and enjoys, from a farm supply store.


You’re making America look like goddamned Communist Russia, or Communist China!

THIS SHIT IS NOT GOING EXTINCT, you selfish pea-brained sons of bitches!

6 Responses to “An Open Letter To Panic Purchasers”

  1. […] “Just stop it please”: Tearful Nurse urges the public to stop panic buying food after she was un… […]


  2. jvlivs said

    Man, I have died and gone to Hell reading this. I’m betting virtually every deceased politician prior to our POTUS45 is turning over in their graves right about now. Now granted, we are witnessing Biblical prophecies coming to pass, but in all fairness, this is serious, but not as serious as the media would lead us to believe, but my wife and I were having our Bible Study the other night and ironically this subject had come up, and IDK if the missus thought of it, but it dawned on me that what if you buy all those paper products, and you lose your house in a fire, or since most of us store our paper products in the basement, what if it floods in the basement? OR what if, God forbid, someone breaks in your house and steals your TP? Now these people are realising that some of these products are cluttering up their homes, or (on the verge of) degrading prematurely, NOW these DS (Dip doo-doo) pricks wanna refund on them?!?
    Umm… IDTS, jack. You want it, YOU KEEP IT! That’s YOUR problem.

    Again, I feel your rage, and your sentiments (I’m surprised the liquor stores haven’t been looted yet-I’ve been stockpiling on wine and whiskey since the pandemic), but the selfishness, and greed, and unnecessary panic, is the total opposite of the counsel that our Lord and Saviour Jesus admonished us to “not be anxious”. HELLO?!? Is there ANYONE out there paying the slightest bit of attention out there? This is the same Lord who gave a vivid and clear picture of the lilies of the field, and the birds of the heavens, they do just the basics to enjoy the day, yet our Heavenly Father feeds them daily. He even warned against keeping on the watch so that we can AVOID being trapped by greed and anxiety.

    And the real victims in all of this are not only those who need these things the most, but those in the medical field (my wife and I both work in it-she’s a First Responder, I currently deliver food/meds/supplements/misc. to the homes of the elderly), they’re the one who are catching pure UNADULTERATED hell from every single angle! Who else suffers from this? Those with no insurance, those who cannot work, those who work in retail, those who work in restaurants and cannot have any human interaction, those who work in public transportation (which I used to do, if you remember), even those in private transportation are suffering from this, those with babies to care for, etc., etc, and so on and so forth…!

    While I do appreciate the convenience of having limited hours to work, but getting paid for the remainder of the workweek, sometimes I just laugh at the schmucks who act impulsively/impatiently/panicky for no reason, and when they realise the error they made it’s too late.

    Like King Solomon admonished: “Better is the end of a matter than its beginning. Better to be patient than to be haughty in spirit”. -Ecclesiastes 7:8

    These current events are both transitory and a test. It’s just passing through. Only a few of us get it, unfortunately.


    • jvlivs said

      And BTW, in (almost) 45 years of walking on God’s green Earth, I have NEVER made a panic purchase (to my knowlede, at least).


      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Bob, the ONLY time in which I even came remotely close to making a panic purchase (key word “remotely”), was when I was crossing the Sierras on October 1, 2008, and I had stopped briefly to make an image of the United States Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center while still in the mountains. And brother, let me assure you, MCMWTC is REMOTE!

        It was my first time to cross the Sierras, and I had no idea how much fuel that my vehicle might consume, or that I would need.

        In retrospect, I should’ve filled up before the journey.

        But anyway, I drove past the facility and wondered if I might stop in and somehow obtain some gasoline. But I saw no one, so my only other option was to keep driving, and the closest town was Bridgeport… about 22 miles +/- from Pickel Meadow, which is directly across from the MCMWTC, and is located on California Highway 108 at Pickel Meadow. The center is 21 miles northwest of Bridgeport, California and 100 miles south of Reno, Nevada.

        So, there I was, driving on fumes – LITERALLY.

        As I pulled into Bridgeport on a Sunday, I was thinking that I’d end up walking, because the little “warning, low fuel” light has been lit for quite some time, the wee chime that accompanied rang in my head like an echo in the Grand Canyon.

        The town appeared deserted, but Fortune shined upon me, and a closed store had gas pumps open which could be operated by credit card. And I’m here to tell you, that I filled UP, and I was NEVER SO GLAD IN MY LIFE TO PAY $5/GALLON FOR REGULAR GASOLINE!

        The end.

        BTW, you, and EVERYONE should GO TO CALIFORNIA sometime!
        It’s MAGNIFICENT!

        Liked by 1 person

        • jvlivs said

          IDK if you’ve seen my recent pics lately, but I’ve finally, FINALLY visited Cali for the first time! We vacationed in San Diego, spent most of our time in Los Angeles, visited friends in Bakersfield, drove down the Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Blvd, PCH, Marina Del Rey, and drove down the side of LAX, we had a blast there! My wife and I were celebrating our then-one year anniversary. California is basically a country inside of a country. And one of our first stops was in Oceanside! Hopefully when this pandemic dies down, we can go again. And BTW, that was quite the experience you had at the MCMWTC! The Angels were with you that day! Glad you made it.


          • jvlivs said

            Correction: I did make ONE panic purchase. Remember the ‘03 Blackout? The day OF the blackout, I’d ran out of gas in Birmingham, MI, just 19 miles west of Clinton Township, Mi, crosstown, cross counties north of Detroit. A gentleman had given me 60 bucks, but the stations were shut down due to a lack of power! And I was literally on fumes that afternoon. And thank the Holy Spirit for getting me back home. A week or so later, our power was restored, and we were able to get our gas. It took some time because of the long lines which resulted in traffic (which was to be expected). That was perhaps the only panic purchase I’ve made in my lifetime. I apologise for misspeaking earlier.


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