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Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Official Portrait, President Donald Trump-R (b.1946)

Can you say…


Increasingly, it looks like it’s gonna’ be yet ANOTHER Popular Vote win, and Electoral College loss for the Democrats in 2020.

And, as I have said, in a very perverse way, DT will have been VERY good for America, precisely because his abuses and corruption have pointed out every area of weakness in our laws pertaining to the Office of the President and of governmental operations, but because another recession is coming on, as Wall Street has warned, and is – once again – demonstrating that corruption by Wall $treet, the Banksters, and BIG INSURANCE still harms America.

And we have so MANY, MANY needs!

Reform of our voting systems, so that they can’t be hacked, manipulated, or gerrymandered.

So that life-saving, life-giving medications are readily and freely available to ALL The People.

So that people are AUTOMATICALLY Registered to Vote, and Vote by U.S. Postal Service mail is enabled in ALL 50 states.

So that once again, American Foreign Policy no longer unwantedly meddles in other nations’ internal affairs.

So that Healthcare is readily available to EVERYONE, not just those in cities or suburbs, and that Hospitals are OPENED and not closed.

So that The People can TRULY vote FOR their Presidential candidate of choice by ELIMINATING the Electoral College.

So that Schools and Education are not merely “adequately” funded, but have MORE than enough.

So that racist and discriminatory practices in voting registrations and purges are made ILLEGAL.

So that our Congress (House & Senate) is Term Limited to 20 years TOTAL service.

So that the security, safety, and health of our nation’s water and air is a REALITY, and polluters PENALIZED.

So that We the People are again TRULY represented by DECREASING the ratio of number of people each Member of Congress has (increasing Congress’ size).

So that Women are NO LONGER discriminated against ANYWHERE.

So that Science and Scientists are once again acknowledged, appreciated, funded, and their advice followed.

So that the corrupting influence of Money is REMOVED from politics by REFORMING Campaign Finance laws, and creating Common Pool Distribution Funded campaigns, and ELIMINATING Super PACs.

So that BIG BUSINESS no longer has a seat at The People’s conference table by overturning the wretched Citizens United SCOTUS decision.

So that the Supreme Court of the United States is INCREASED in size to adequately handle the increasing and overwhelming number of cases they’re asked to hear.

So that Personal Income Tax rates upon the WEALTHIEST Americans is SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED.

So that the Minimum Wage is increased to a Living Wage.

So that “shell corporations” are made ILLEGAL, and off-shore accounts for the wealthy are no longer tax havens.

So that Small Business, Mom-and-Pop shops are encouraged, and hometown entrepreneurship is rewarded.

So that Criminal Justice Reform is accomplished, and Private For-Profit Prisons are made ILLEGAL.

So that Immigration and Naturalization overhaul and reform is accomplished.

So that the American Dollar is once again the Global Standard of International currency and exchange.

So that Single Payer Healthcare (Medicare for All) is enacted – not just to those who can afford it.

So that Higher Education is made freely available to The People – not just to those who can afford it.

So that Free Enterprise is TRULY free, that minority business ownership is increased, and that competition in Free Markets is fair, and just.

So that “Free Trade” is Fair Trade, that market dumping by other nations is penalized, and that American businesses are rewarded for staying on-shore.

So that Corporations pay their FAIR SHARE of income taxes.

So that common sense firearms regulations are enacted by closing the “Gun Show Loophole,” and mandating Uniform Mandatory Background Checks for ALL firearm transactions.

Official Portrait, President Richard Milhous Nixon-R (1913-1994)

So that Corporations no longer have access to, and control over Family Farms, in effect, making them Sharecroppers.

So that High-Speed Internet access is brought to Rural America.

So that GIANT CORPORATIONS wielding practical monopoly market power are broken up.

We the People have MANY NEEDS.

A “Just Say ‘NO!'” Senate led by Republican Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is thwarting the People’s business for his own political purposes.

The last ethical Republican President America has was Dwight David Eisenhower.

Nixon was his VP.

Sadly, America STILL hasn’t learned its lesson.

As if Nixon wasn’t enough.

As if son-of-a Bush (aka Bush II) wasn’t enough.

But Nixon also had 2 terms – the 2nd election was an overwhelming LANDSLIDE.

In 1972, Nixon (R) v McGovern (D) won:
Electoral vote: 520 v 17
States carried: 49 v 1+DC
Popular vote: 47,168,710 v 29,173,222
Popular Vote Percentage: 60.7% v 37.5%



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