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Dear Bernie, Pick Elizabeth Warren as your VP running mate NOW!

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, March 6, 2020

Bernie should announce that he’s choosing Warren for his VP running mate.

U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders (VT-I), and Elizabeth Warren (MA-D).

Ideologically, they’re 2 peas in a pod. Her supporters would (or, at least should) DEFINITELY support Bernie, even since she is no longer running, and would most assuredly pitch in if he named her as his VP choice.

However… the VP is a politically dead-end job, since in the history of our nation, aside from succession, ONLY 5 VPs have ever been elected in their own right.

Only 13 former Vice Presidents have ever been POTUS, who all arrived in office either through succession, or through election apart from succession.

Here’s the break-down:

• A total of 8 POTUSes have died in office – 4 from natural death, and 4 assassinations.

• The majority of VPs who ever became POTUS (8/13) were from a President’s death, so that leaves 5.

• A total of 5 POTUSes were former VPs – Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren, Nixon, and G.H.W. Bush.

It’s worth repeating:

Only 5
former Vice Presidents
were ever

That’s 5/45, or 11.1%.

However, the United States Senate website states this about Senators:

“To date,
16 Senators have also served as
President of the United States.
Three Senators,
Warren G. Harding, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama moved directly from the U.S. Senate
to the White House.”

That’s 16/45, or 35.5%, of all POTUSes who were ever a Senator.

And 3/16, or 18.75%, were elected as POTUS directly from the Senate.

Historically, and statistically, it doesn’t look good for Biden.

Liz could partner with Bernie to push through his agenda – and hers, complementarily – if she was VP, or as Senator.

Strategically however – with an eye toward implementing his agenda of Completing FDR’s New Deal – it might be better if Liz remained in the Senate, rather than accepting his offer, if he did so.

We know that his campaign has been thinking about her as a VP choice -AND- as a Secretary of the Treasury (there is no Constitutional prohibition against simultaneously holding those 2 offices), because that small detail was completely overlooked in lieu of the asinine dust-up over someone who had no first-hand knowledge of a private conversation between the two candidates claiming that “Bernie said…” that a woman couldn’t get elected as POTUS. Anyone familiar with him or his positions would know that has NEVER been the case with him – that he would NEVER say, nor believe anything remotely like that.

Furthermore, the story – which was first reported by the New York Times, December 23, 2018 – specifically stated that “Only the two senators were present.” News of their meeting was picked up only much later by other outlets, such as CNN, which published it over a year later, on January 13, 2020, and acknowledged up front in the first sentence of the first paragraph that their source was the NYY – which made no reference to any subject of a private conversation.

The way CNN spun their story was that “The description of that meeting is based on the accounts of four people: two people Warren spoke with directly soon after the encounter, and two people familiar with the meeting.” It does NOT say that anyone other than Senator Sanders or Senator Warren was present, yet attempts to portray and characterize a private conversation which occurred over a year ago. Again, the original story which was published by the New York Times specifically stated that “Only the two senators were present.”

In response, Bernie had said that, “It is ludicrous to believe that at the same meeting where Elizabeth Warren told me she was going to run for president, I would tell her that a woman couldn’t win. It’s sad that, three weeks before the Iowa caucus and a year after that private conversation, staff who weren’t in the room are lying about what happened. What I did say that night was that Donald Trump is a sexist, a racist and a liar who would weaponize whatever he could. Do I believe a woman can win in 2020? Of course! After all, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 3 million votes in 2016. I have never said a negative word about Elizabeth Warren, who is a friend of mine.”

See: https://www.businessinsider.com/sanders-researched-whether-warren-could-vp-and-treasury-secretary-report-2020-1

See also: https://theintercept.com/2020/01/17/sanders-warren-vice-president-treasury-secretary/

See also: https://flagandcross.com/bernie-considering-naming-warren-his-vp-treasury-secretary-at-same-time-if-he-wins/

See also: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/sanders-campaign-looked-into-whether-warren-could-be-both-vice-president-and-treasury-secretary

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