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New Threats Emerge In 2020

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, February 10, 2020

When Russia – our sworn enemy – decided that they wanted to influence the election, to cause Donald Trump to win… I mean… what do you say!?!

If it had been Hillary Clinton, I would’ve been against it.

But it wasn’t.

But the thing is, is that, the Russians have achieved what they wanted to do – and that is to get the President elected. And when you acknowledge that fact, you have to come to the conclusion that, for that reason, he is an illegitimate President regardless of how many Electoral College votes he got. And the Electoral College should be abolished. Because it was designed for a country 250 years ago.

And the problem with that – not bashing the Constitution – but the idea is, “it’s time for a change,” because right now, when you can communicate with someone on the opposite side of the globe, when you can talk to someone in Hong Kong, when you can talk to someone in London, England, when you can talk to someone in Sydney, Australia, when you can talk with someone in Banff, Canada, when you can talk with someone in Switzerland, and in Mumbai, India, SIMULTANEOUSLY, and have a conference call, you KNOW that worldwide global instant communications has revolutionized the way that we are able to think about things. That is a transformation of UNPARALLELED proportion! When one person can have a voice and speak around the world – globally, in an instant – our forefathers never dreamed of anything like that. They certainly didn’t dream of an automobile. And they could not have dreamt of satellites. They certainly couldn’t have dreamt of rockets. They didn’t even have electricity, for heaven’s sake! And they came up with this idea of the Electoral College.


Because communications was not instant n 1776, or in 1787 when the Constitutional Convention was established. They had to wait WEEKS, or even MONTHS, before people could be able to hear about what was going on. And now, we can have it in an instant. You have it on your cell phone.

Look, the Communist Chinese government has now written a Social Media app called “TikTok.” It’s the Communist Chinese government’s globalized version of FaceBook.

Why did they do that?

FaceBook has more information about you than you have about yourself. That’s NOT a joke. And, our government is doing NOTHING to protect your, my, or our nation’s interests and privacy.

So… WHY would Communist China write a social media app to compete with FaceBook?

To collect information on you… with your “consent.” Like FaceBook, they do NOT tell you what they’re going to do with that information, nor do they divulge what information they’re going to collect. Most folks call that “SPYING.”

And, so what’re they going to do with that information?

They’re going to weaponize it… against YOU.

Think that’s a joke, or some bizarre fear mongering?

Think again.


US says Chinese military stole masses of Americans’ data

By Eric Tucke and Michael Balsamo
Monday, 10 February 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — Four members of the Chinese military have been charged with breaking into the computer networks of the Equifax credit reporting agency and stealing the personal information of tens of millions of Americans, the Justice Department said Monday, blaming Beijing for one of the largest hacks in history to target consumer data.

Attorney General William Barr speaks during a news conference, Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, at the Justice Department in Washington, as Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General Seth Ducharm looks on. Four members of the Chinese military have been charged with breaking into the networks of the Equifax credit reporting agency and stealing the personal information of tens of millions of Americans, the Justice Department said Monday, blaming Beijing for one of the largest hacks in history. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The 2017 breach affected more than 145 million people, with the hackers successfully stealing names, addresses, Social Security and driver’s license numbers and other personal information stored in the company’s databases. It damaged the company’s reputation and also underscored China’s aggressive and sophisticated intelligence-gathering methods.

The case is the latest U.S. accusation against Chinese hackers suspected of breaching networks of American corporations, including steel manufacturers, a hotel chain and a health insurer. It comes as the Trump administration has warned against what it sees as the growing political and economic influence of China, and efforts by Beijing to collect data for financial and intelligence purposes and to steal scientific research and innovation.

“The scale of the theft was staggering,” Attorney General William Barr said Monday. “This theft not only caused significant financial damage to Equifax, but invaded the privacy of many millions of Americans, and imposed substantial costs and burdens on them as they have had to take measures to protect against identity theft.”

The indictment comes at a delicate time in relations between Washington and Beijing. Even as President Donald Trump points to a preliminary trade pact with China as evidence of his ability to work with the Communist government, other members of his administration have been warning against cybersecurity and surveillance risks posed by China, especially as the tech giant Huawei seeks to become part of new, high-speed 5G wireless networks across the globe.


U.S. Military Branches Block Access to TikTok App Amid Pentagon Warning

by Neil Vigdor
January 4, 2020

The Department of Defense advised military personnel to remove the Chinese-owned social media application from government-issued and personal smartphones.

The warning from the Pentagon was unequivocal: Military personnel should delete TikTok from all smartphones.

Now, a number of United States military branches are heeding that advice, issued last month by the Defense Department, and have banned the popular Chinese-owned social media app on government-issued smartphones.

Some have even strongly discouraged members of the armed forces from keeping TikTok on their personal electronic devices.

The vigilance coincides with heightened scrutiny of the short-form video-sharing platform by Congress and a national security review of TikTok, which is among the top downloaded smartphone apps worldwide.

“Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command has blocked TikTok from government-issued mobile devices,” Capt. Christopher Harrison, a United States Marine Corps spokesman, said Friday in an email. “This decision is consistent with our efforts to proactively address existing and emerging threats as we secure and defend our network. This block only applies to government-issued mobile devices.”

In a Dec. 16 message to the various military branches, the Pentagon said there was a “potential risk associated with using the TikTok app,” and it advised employees to take several precautions to safeguard their personal information. It said the easiest solution to prevent “unwanted actors” from getting access to that information was to remove the app.

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