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Why Is Wikipedia Such A Lousy Website?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Wikipedia: The repository for all things stoopid.

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder.

Those who regularly edit the site are called “Wikipedians.”

But, not to worry!

Because, yes… you TOO can edit Wikipedia!

And, best part of all?

One does NOT need to be a Subject Matter Expert to write about ANY given topic!


Someone without any knowledge of science, or mathematics, i.e., a total blithering idiot, could write about Astrophysics, String Theory, Calculus, Microbiology, and Jet Propulsion.


But that’s far from its only problem. Take a look at this statement from an entry about “toast.”

Yes, toast.

“Though many types of bread can be toasted the most commonly used is “sliced bread”, referring to bread that is already sliced and bagged upon purchase and may be white, brown, multigrain, etc.”

Aren’t you glad that Wikipedia is here to help us know about all kinds of things?

I mean, WHO KNEW that “sliced bread” refers to bread that has been sliced, eh?

Goddamn stupid motherfuckers.

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