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Politics, Religion, And Sex

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, January 10, 2020


PPL can be so stupid.

I think we’re living in an extraordinarily stupid era.

Sure, there are ~some~ smart folks, and some genuinely genius things have been, and are being done. But, on the whole, this age is small-minded, and inordinately consumed with a desire to make, by force of law, others behave according to the privately-held sacrosanct tenets of select individuals or groups who are, in effect, writing private law, instead of public law.

Most such individuals and groups are ultra right-wing religious radicals, zealots of the First Order, who, legally mandate others to behave according to their private principles. The ostensible effect is impressing casual observers that the adherent/practitioner believes, because their behavior demonstrates adherence and obedience to those rules and regulations. It also thereby gives automatic imprimatur to them. In such tenets, they see themselves as performing the will of their god/ess, and by extension, being pleasing to the same. It is a form of wholesale cultural appropriation and subjugation.

It is, in effect, a hypocrisy, a type of lip service which has been ridiculed and mocked via memes such as “Jesus is coming. Quick! Look busy!,” and others similarly.

In essence, in its simplest, purest form, it boils down to one group of people wanting to control another group of people, and to force them into submitting to their privately held beliefs, most of which are religiously motivated, and often predicated upon a “thou shalt not” type law.

However, the highest, if not entire, notion of religion is not only freedom, but of self-improvement and self-regulation. Religion ostensibly seeks the betterment of the individual, and by natural extension, the whole, the collective, the corporate, the community.

By working on an individual level, the practical effect is one of self-awakening, of “coming to oneself,” of understanding that the “I” is not the exclusive reason for being, that others are a collective being, and while not a unitary “I,” they form a cohesive bond by and through common denominators, fundamentals to which all adhere by inherent practice, regardless and exclusive of any privately held religious beliefs. There are certain universal “laws” of behavior which fundamentally permeate humanity, though its opposite character is more talked-about, or even memorable. Good behavior is expected. Bad behavior is therefore memorable.

By seeking to enact laws regulating, or more accurately, forbidding certain non-harmful practices such as sexual behavior, in effect, human sexuality has been denigrated, rather than elevated as those religious adherents claim. There are entire sub-cults surrounding such behaviors, most which may easily be found though any perfunctory Internet-based search.

However, were human sexuality praised, society would be absent virtually any such “thou-shalt-not” laws, by first acknowledging that mutual consent is mandatory, and leave it at that. It should not be required to attend a formal, or even informal, didactic setting, in order to understand fundamentally good human behavior should be praised, though it often is not.

Consider any news we may be inundated with several times on a daily basis, either through online means, text, broadcast, or otherwise. It’s filled to the bursting point with negativity. And it’s never good. No, not ever. Good, edifying, uplifting, heartening, and heartwarming news rarely, if ever, gets heard.

In the same way, only negativity is assigned to human sexuality, and it has come, almost exclusively, from religion.

It would also be quite easy to fall into an intellectual trap by (falsely) imagining that all practices of faith, religion and/or spirituality are bad, when they are not.

A case in point to illustrate, is the recent knowledge that since early 1977, a Christian sect has been compiling detailed data on child sexual abuse perpetrated by their leaders and members, but has – in EVERY instance – refused to comply with numerous courts’ orders to compel their production. It would be, quite simply, and without question, the single largest, and most comprehensively detailed list of child sexual predators, their victims -AND- others who knew them.

 In a particular case involving that sect, a recent State Supreme Court decision ruled that a minuscule, seemingly innocuous article of speech in State Law immediately ruled out any responsibility, or liability by the defendant. The closely-watched case was reversed in which legal observers described as among the largest such awards ever. Reversal of a child sexual crimes case against the victims has stunned legal observers nationwide.

In other words, before the case was appealed to the State Supreme Court, the Defendant was found guilty, and an appeal would have delayed obeying the order, and given more time to prepare for a State Supreme Court case.

And, in a separate series of nationally-acknowledged child sexual abuse cases in another faith tradition, mid-level regional managers in the organizational structure have divested real property ownership, instead transferring it to the individual congregation/church, because it limits exposure to organizational financial liability. If businesses did any such deceptive financial shuffling, each instance would be a separate occurrence violation of law, and criminal act.

The point being, is that the State Supreme Court’s Justices could have considered their interpretation of the matter under question of law could demonstrate Justice by righting wrongs, by not merely upholding, but by reinforcing criminal and civil punitive penalties, and by reaffirming their acknowledgement of, and commitment to severely punishing the perpetrators of the horrors of child sexual abuse, by making plainly evident their commitment to and full devotion to enforcing the spirit and intent of the law to punish any corollary parties. Instead, they sided with the corporate organization, and against the child victims. Plainly, that is wrong. No questions asked.

Whenever an organization can overrule a private citizen, there’s an inherent social imbalance which must be remedied. It is precisely the type of behavior against which the Founding Fathers forewarned. Not only are denizen hoards of Corporate Attorneys no match for the solitary Private Citizen, it intimidates others watching, and by so doing, often prevents cases from being filed, which otherwise would have had good hearings, and strong cases, thereby effectively denying them their Constitutional Rights. It is an often under-acknowledged, and largely-ignored type of abuse.

Rights are individual. They are for the individual. They’re almost never for the state, or government. They are mandates to the organization that each individual member’s behavior is protected, and must be honored, promoted, and exercised without penalty by the organization and the individual.

Rights are liberties, they are freedoms, and they are exercised by a free people. Free people have free, full, and unfettered ability to make uncoerced, independent decisions, and to live in accordance with them, unperturbed by others.

Whenever a law is written by those with religious intent, it immediately violates the “Establishment,” the “Equal Protection,” and the “No Religious Test” clauses of the Constitution.

And yet, there’s no such thing as freedom without some responsibly, so with freedom comes responsibility. That responsibility is a commitment to ensuring the equal and continued longevity of the spirit and intent of the law.

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