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Dear Democrats…

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Y’know what the Democrats need to do?

I mean to refer to Bernie and Liz.

STOP DISSING Donald Trump!!!


Folks who are gonna’ vote for him are gonna’ vote for him.

What Democrats need is VISION –– CLEAR 2020 VISION, and beyond for America!

Allentown, PA – and manufacturing… is not coming back.

Detroit, MI – and automobile manufacturing… is not coming back.

Pittsburgh, PA – and steel… is not coming back.

Rochester, NY – and Kodak… is not coming back.

Flint, MI – with General Motors, and Ford… is not coming back.

The Rustbelt’s “Big Eight” cities:
Akron, Canton, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown – which ALL owe their existence – except Columbus, the capital city – to manufacturing’s phenomenal rise in the 19th and early 20th century… are not coming back.

In short, America’s factories aren’t coming back.

And coal?

Coal – along with its toxic ash sludge’s inability to be safely or permanently stored anywhere – is DOA.

We all know it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are taking our jobs – even in medicine – telehealth, robotic surgery… it’s ALL OVER!

What Bernie and Liz need to do is passionately, concisely, convincingly, cogently, and persuasively convince the American people that:

1.) Republicans do NOT have America’s or families’ best interests at heart;

2.) Explain why, in a short, sweet, and to-the-point message, and;


Like Republicans, they should STRIKE A MESSAGE OF FEAR!!!

THIS IS OUR WORLD. Democrats need to use 2020 vision to CLEARLY show it for what it is, and will continue to be if Republicans are elected.

• Fear that they’ll get sick and die penniless.

• Fear that they’ll be reduced to rubble, or collateral damage in the war of misguided economic principles.

• Fear that their loved ones will die of drug overdoses.

• Fear that the life-saving medications they need – insulin, antibiotics, and countless others – will be priced out of their ability to pay, and have no insurance.

• Fear that they’ll die before their time.

• Fear that they’ll starve to death.

• Fear that the hospital nearest them will be closed… permanently, and leave them without even emergency health care.

• Fear that they’ll be shot by a deranged madman – while grocery shopping, watching a movie, enjoying an open-air concert, in school, or in worship.

• Fear that they’ll become a climatological disaster statistic – fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes.

• Fear that their liberties will be trampled upon by multinational mega-corporations – notably ALL the Social Media companies -and- thousands of others who snoop upon us all WITHOUT our permission.

• Fear that food will become outsourced.

• Fear that farmers will lose their land, and way of life.

• Fear that all hard-won labor laws and protections will be undone with the mere sweep of a pen.

• Fear that their children TRULY WILL NOT have it better than their parents – and already, they don’t.

In other words, paint an EXPLICITLY CLEAR and FRIGHTENING picture of a dystopian America under Republican rule

…which is EXACTLY what it is becoming.

However… as Liz says, “I have a plan for that.”

And, as Bernie has said,
“It is immoral and unconscionable that families across the country are finding themselves nearly broke or bankrupt because of crippling medical debt while the health care industry made more than $100 billion in profits last year. As somebody who wrote the damn bill, let’s be clear : Under the Medicare for All bill I wrote, premiums are gone, copayments are gone, deductibles are gone. All out-of-pocket expenses are gone.

“The American people have had enough. They are sick and tired of profitable corporations like Amazon, General Motors, Eli Lilly, Chevron, Halliburton, Netflix and Delta making billions in profits, but paying nothing in federal income taxes.

“He is likely the most corrupt President in the modern history of America. But we can not simply be consumed by President Donald Trump. Because if we are, we are going to lose the election.”

Remember: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

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