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Trump Unhinged

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, December 28, 2019

But, we’ve known that for quite some time.


It wasn’t as if he was participating in a “bait and switch.”

We’ve seen and heard his errant behavior live, 24-7-365 via satellite, cable, and network news, radio and television, for many years, and now, the cash-strapped media for whom he has been a practical godsend – a true answer to prayer for increased ratings and advertising rates – is obliquely questioning his legitimate fitness for office?

So OF COURSE they’re covering him like white on rice!

Once he was impeached, the media scrambled to find out if impeachment had affected his bowel habits – if he was becoming excessively gassy – especially in public; or if instead of smoothly flowing stools, he was experiencing slight constipation.


Once again, POS45 is mentally obsessed with __(fill in the blank)__, and demonstrates that he is incapable of exercising restraint and psychologically projects upon his so-called “enemies” his own wrong-doings, continually and deliberately enumerates a false narrative regardless of subject, and otherwise bad-mouths, castigates, denigrates, and nay-says literally any and every little thing he perceives that they (his enemies, i.e., anyone with whom he disagrees) did wrong to him, thereby casting himself as the center of attention, and asserting victimization because of some allegedly horrible (though false) miscarriage of justice, or other perceived personal trespass.

There’s no question about it: He’s a GENUINE mental Sicko.

Pelosi gets under Trump’s skin on impeachment


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