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Open Letter To Joe Biden

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Dear Joe Biden,


It’s time to say “Bye-Bye” Sleepy Uncle Joe!

C’mon… quit already, Joe!


Look… it’s not your age (related dementia), I hope, because historically, we all know that you’re prone to gaffes – some worse than others.


Everyone knows it.


This is purely absurd!

Presidential mix-up: Biden confuses Andrew Johnson with Andrew Jackson as he slams Trump in Iowa


Joe Biden confuses Andrew Johnson with Andrew Jackson in Iowa

See also: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/joe-biden-confuses-andrew-johnson-with-andrew-jackson-in-iowa/ar-AAJJkOs

You just DO NOT have what it takes, your ideas are NOT what America needs now, and
• Your campaign treasury is low,
• POS45 actually ~wants~ to campaign against you (then who’ll be beaten “like a drum,” eh? Seriously!), and
• You’re clearly running on Obama’s coat-tails.

And, that’s beside the fact that history is AGAINST you.

It’s important to consider the historical record, Joe, because, well… because we learn from history.

Since our nation’s founding, ONLY 5ive former VPs have ~ever~ been independently elected to the Presidency – on their own – apart from succession.

The last one was George H. W. “Poppa” Bush.

Perhaps you recall Mr. “Read My Lips, ‘no new taxes'”?

I think everyone does.

That singular promise was what charted the course of his presidency, trying to fix what Reagan messed up after tripling America’s national deficit with his tax cuts, which the Department of the Treasury warned him in advance that the economy and budgeted revenue would take a 9% hit.

He ignored them.

And, to his everlasting credit, Poppa Bush attempted to remedy the problem after taking office, and seeing the devastation which Reagan caused… but only after making the aforementioned campaign promise, which is, in large part, what got him elected. I guess his one term in office could be considered part of the Reagan Ruination.

But you recall all that history, because you were in the Senate then. Matter of fact, you were in the Senate from 1973 to 2009. That’s a VERY LONG run.

In fact, you’re the 18th longest-serving Senator in our nation’s history. Congratulations!

Now, it’s time to reconsider the merits of your campaign. And, I mean SERIOUSLY reconsider.

Sure, you probably have some good ideas. But Joe, let’s look at history to guide us. You’re NOT going to be elected as POTUS.

That’s pretty self-evident.

Here’s the COMPLETE LIST of former VPs who were ELECTED as POTUS:

1.) John Adams – 1st VP, 2nd POTUS;
2.) Thomas Jefferson – 2nd VP, 3rd POTUS;
3.) Martin Van Buren – 8th VP, 8th POTUS;
4.) Richard Nixon – Eisenhower’s VP ‘53–‘61, 36th VP, 37th POTUS, and;
5.) George H.W. Bush – 43rd VP, 41st POTUS, immediately after being Reagan’s 2-term VP.

As you can see, it’s a short one.

Look, Joe… you’re a nice guy, and all, and you could be a diplomat… and, probably ought to consider that noble profession if you’re asked. And, I think you’d make a fine one.

But seriously, you’re not cut out to be President. And folks who know you, know that since you started in politics, you’ve only ever wanted to be POTUS.

Don’t let ambition blind you.

But now, you’re a marked man.

Marked for failure, that is.

Failure to be POTUS.

Know when to quit.

Quit as a winner.

Don’t go out as a loser.

Be an asset, not a liability.

Do the right thing.

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