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Kamala Harris WON’T Be Nominee, Or POTUS

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, November 2, 2019

UPDATE 08 December 2019: On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, California Senator Kamala Harris announced that she was dropping out of the race as a contender to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President. See also her announcement as a candidate at the close of this article.


At least not now.

Look… I’m not bashing her – in fact, I really like and appreciate her and her style, and early on thought she’d be Presidential quality material – or any other Democratic or GOP candidate.

Ad hominem attacks are only valid on, and for, reprobates like Donald Trump.

BTW, for the record, I’m not a Democrat – I’m a GDI, and always have been.

But, when a candidate seeking the party’s nomination says to attendees at an early voting state’s event that, “We’re gonna’ need a nominee on that stage with Donald Trump, who has the ability to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump. And Iowa, you’re lookin’ at ‘er.,” it just doesn’t bode well as an answer to the question “what will you do ‘for the people?'”

Criticizing her political campaign, no one has heard what her plans are for rural America, Economic Infrastructure, tax policy, international relations, or any other intermediate or long-range economic policy. Or, at least she’s not made them the centerpiece or cornerstone of her campaign.

Almost every Democratic candidate is in practical philosophical agreement with almost every issue in this election cycle:

1.) Fully legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis like alcohol, and tobacco
2.) Providing healthcare to every citizen as a fundamental human right
3.) LGBTQ justice
4.) Climate change
5.) Firearm violence
6.) Fixing a broken Immigration system
7.) Gender equality

and more.

But again… those are issues that do NOT affect the majority of Americans. They are minority issues. And, that’s not a bad thing, per se, but last I checked, it took a majority to win an election… and that means an Electoral College majority.

She’s not talked about “bread and butter” topics, like job and income security, child care, housing security, income tax structure inequity which Republicans have shifted on the backs of the working families in America, Economic Infrastructure, and a veritable host of other matters that affect 95%+ of Middle Class working Americans.

If she wants to take the fight TO Donald Trump, then she needs to be telling what she’ll do for the MAJORITY and how his and GOP policies have harmed the MAJORITY, and how she’ll remedy it.

Again, she’s good, but not quite ready for prime time.

She can be more effective in the Senate.


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