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Donald Trump And The Republican Party Are Like A Bob Seger Song

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The unhinged surreality made-for-television game show world that is the Current White House Occupant’s mindset is now laid bare.

Amidst the debacle that is playing out on the world’s stage in the open air of the Washington, D.C. Beltway, Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States has unilaterally taken it upon himself to rule as an authoritarian demagogue, and – as much as possible (legally, or not) – to fire, discharge, or force the resignation of seemingly countless honorable career public servants; to compel the engagement of numerous Federal agencies to perform his private political dirty work, and to stymie Congress as much as possible by claiming either Executive Privilege, or unlimited Constitutional authority under Article 2, despite the fact that the Congress (the House and Senate) is significantly and Constitutionally charged with oversight of the governmental operations.

He has played friendly with America’s enemies, including Russia, China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and others, while making enemies of America’s long-standing allies such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and others.

He has abused the power of the Office of the President to unilaterally reveal National Security secrets to the world, and to America’s enemies.

He has treacherously abused, mocked and belittled America’s Intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Director of National Intelligence, and by so doing, harmed the morale of those revered agencies, but by so doing, has compromised American National Security in the world.

America is not respected in the world any longer. And, it is exclusively because of Donald J. Trump.

This bizarre presidency is like no other – literally, in every way – and despite his campaign sloganeering to “Make America Great Again,” he is doing his damnedest to tear it down. It’s akin to burning down the house simply because the roof leaks.

Never before has any broadcaster or news reporter ever said anything remotely like this:

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: “A parental advisory for you: In this block, I’m going to be quoting from things that the President of the United States has tweeted, so if you have kids in the room, you might want to mute the television because he used some profanity today.”

But then again, never before in the history of our United States has a POTUS ever been such a boorish heel, and OFFICIALLY said or written the things he has, such as this rude public profanity:

The Idiot in Chief can’t even get historical numbers accurate. Of the 538 Electoral College votes cast, he received 304 (NOT 306 as he claimed); Hillary Clinton received 227; Colin Powell received 3; Bernie Sanders received 1; John Kasich received 1; Ron Paul received 1; and Faith Spotted Eagle received 1.

Furthermore, he LOST the popular vote and only won 62,984,828 to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 65,853,514. Of course, being the pathological liar and narcissist that he is, and chronically and habitually obsessed with superlatives, always claiming that he is the best, the most, the highest, etc., simply because he says so. It’s definitely a “God Complex,” if ever there was one.

America’s allies in the world would do well to not meet with him simply as a demonstration of their loss of confidence in him. Not the Office of the President of the United States, but in him.

Nevertheless… the feckless GOP could’ve decertified him, and disallowed him ballot access under their banner, but they were, and are, desperate, so they allowed him to run under their banner.

And now that they have him (the GOP, that is), they’re afraid to speak out against him, and merely tolerate him.

A line from the Bob Seger song “Night Moves” perfectly exemplifies the GOP’s relationship with Trump:

“I used her, she used me. But neither one cared.”

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