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Donald Trump is the Charles Manson of Presidents

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Despite his increasingly bizarre and contemptuous behavior, and bull-in-the-china-shop approach to almost everything, I could support perhaps a few of the President’s efforts and positions, and, I could even overlook some of his behaviors as merely eccentric, quirky, or even slightly off-kilter –– much like his well-known penchant for ketchup on steak.

But increasingly, his ill-advised actions – like publicly posting TOP SECRET surveillance satellite images of our enemies’ military efforts (even though as Commander In Chief he had the absolute right to do so), and meeting with despotic totalitarian Korean ruler-family killer Kim Jong-Un, and scheduling a secret peace talk summit at Camp David with arch enemies the al-Qaeda friendly Taliban 2 days before the 18th anniversary of 9/11 – are placing America at risk with our enemies.

That’s beside his unilaterally-imposed Trade War with China, Mexico, and Canada which continues damaging American families, farmers and industry, and diversion of monies meant for the Military, Coast Guard, TSA, and FEMA to build his Great Wall of Trump on the US/Mexico border –– despite his innumerable claims that Mexico would pay for it.

And, despite also his chronically habitual assertions of “fake” this, that, or the other, “witch hunt,” or any of his other 12,000+ false claims, outright lies, fabrications, and exaggerations, there are substantial problems with many of his actions –– most of which are suspect, if not bordering on unethical, or even blatantly illegal.

The great debate over the 2016 election – that being, the disparity in his overwhelming loss of the Popular Vote versus the Electoral College win – when combined with the fact of validated and verified Election Meddling by our Russian enemies, casts an unsettling pall, and dark shadow over the legitimacy of his election.

A billboard on I-65 in Horse Cave, KY. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

And, when the Mitch McConnell-led GOP Senate refuses to take any action upon the matter of National Security in our Elections, his moniker “Moscow Mitch” is well-deserved.

There should be NO disagreement about protecting American interests at home.


And yet…

So, when thinking about the turmoil, lies, deceptions, and scumbags nominated, hired, and fired by this administration, I have concluded that Donald Trump is the Charles Mason of presidents.

2 Responses to “Donald Trump is the Charles Manson of Presidents”

  1. antonjames said

    I want to challenge you to strengthen your point just a little bit. What I mean is that you say that Donald Trump is the Charles Manson of presidents by pointing out his craziness, which is fair enough, but there are many other crazy people he can be compared to. This left me with the question, “What about Trump’s particular brand of craziness is akin to Manson’s brand of craziness?” For example, Manson didn’t actually do the heinous crimes that his family committed. Rather, he brought them under his crazy spell and convinced them to do his bidding. If you want to compare Trump to Manson this is the kind of specifics you want to identify, instances where Trump gets people to do his crazy bidding. Then you will have a rock solid comparison.


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