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Cohen In Constant Contact With Federal Investigation Attorneys

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, February 28, 2019

“I am in constant contact with the Southern District of New York regarding ongoing investigations.”

– Michael Cohen, former attorney and “fixer” for Donald J. Trump, under oath to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, February 27, 2019


That one sentence early in Mr. Cohen’s testimony before the committee is substantial, regardless of whether anything else he said is true, or not. There is no legitimate reason for him to make such a claim, especially if it was a lie.

Consider also the “Liar’s Paradox,” referring to knowing how to discern when a liar is telling the truth. Frankly, however, everyone – WITHOUT EXCEPTION – has lied at one time, or another; therefore, using the faulty “logic” used by Republicans, everyone is a liar… including them. Yet, they except themselves simply by ignoring that fact. So therefore, their hypocrisy is exposed.

Such exercises are part and parcel of logic and reasoning, which is also a branch of mathematics, and forms a foundation upon which philosophy and even the legal profession exists – particularly and especially in criminal trials. In other words, deduction is based upon a formula which can be expressed on paper.

But there are also behavioral (physical) clues exhibited by the liar, which may (though not always) include “body language” such as fidgeting, facial movements and gestures, including eye movement such as covering the mouth and/or looking away, intonation and inflection in their voice and tone of speech, observation of breathing patterns, use or avoidance of certain words, exaggeration of details, response to questions, repetition of certain words, sentences, or phrases (a type of stalling to increase time for crafting a lie), including a “mid-sentence jump” (changing the train of thought in the middle of expressing an idea), deflection (a conversational control tactic which changes the focus of the topic by not directly answering the question), and more.

Michael Cohen takes oath before his testimony to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Wednesday, 27 February 2019.

The Southern District of New York refers to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, a Federal court which has been in existence in New York, NY, since 1789.

The Attorney’s Office writes this about their mission:

“The Office prosecutes cases involving violations of federal laws, and represents the interests of the United States government and its agencies in criminal and civil matters. The Office investigates and prosecutes a broad array of criminal conduct of every conceivable magnitude, even when the conduct arises in distant places.”

Reasonably and logically, no liar would lie about being “in constant contact with” a Federal Attorney’s Office, or a Federal Court, after an investigation has concluded.

The fact that Mr. Cohen made such a comment is telling, simply because it strongly suggests there are additional investigations, that he has knowledge which is valuable to those investigative authorities, that his knowledge is pertinent to ongoing investigations, and that he is cooperating with those same investigative authorities to provide information to them.

Pundits and prognosticators have said the end is near on the Mueller investigation, and that may – or may not – be true. But either way, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but she’s most certainly warming up.

So… get ready for the script to flip.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence, (D-MI, 14) asked him, “Mr. Cohen, why do you feel or believe that the President is repeatedly attacking you? You are stating that you feel intimidated – asking us to protect you – following your cooperation with law enforcement.”

Mr. Cohen answered saying, “When you have access to 60 plus million people that follow you on social media, and you have the ability in which to spark action by individuals that follow… that follow him, and from his own words, that he can walk down 5th Avenue, shoot someone and get away with it… it’s never comfortable when the President of the United States…”

Rep. Lawrence: (interrupting) What do you think he can do to you?

Mr. Cohen: A lot. And it’s not just him. It’s those people who follow him and his rhetoric.

Rep. Lawrence: What is “a lot”?

Mr. Cohen: I don’t know. I don’t walk with my wife and go to a restaurant, or go somewhere; I don’t walk with my children, I make them go before me, because I have fear. The same fear that I had before when he initially decided to drop that tweet in my cell phone. I received some – and I’m sure you’ll understand – I received some tweets, I received some some Facebook Messenger, all sorts of social media – attacks upon me, whether it’s a private direct message – that I’ve had to turn over to Secret Service because they are the most vile, disgusting, statements that anyone can ever receive, and when they start to affect your children, that’s when it really affects you.

So apparently, President Trump has sent harassing and threatening tweets and communications to Mr. Cohen which have also either been seen by, or are known about, by his children.

Very interesting…

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