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EJ Bradford’s Killer, A Hoover PD Cop, Cleared By Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, February 7, 2019

Emantic Fitzgerald “EJ” Bradford Jr. was shot and killed by a Hoover Police Officer on Thanksgiving night 2018 inside the Riverchase Galleria mall.

The word “vomitorium” describes an exit in a coliseum, and stems from its Latin root word “vomus” which means “to spew forth.”

Spew is what this report does.

And exit is what AL AG Steve Marshall does in regard to this case and matter.

From page 23 of the 24 total pages:
“First, a reasonable person could have assumed that the only person with a gun who was running toward the victim of a shooting that occurred just three seconds earlier fired the shots.”

Right… assailants with guns run TO the scene, just like cops. (sarcasm)


The AG’s report contains an error of the First Order by presuming that ordinary citizens would behave like Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) and run TO the sound of gunfire.

Most folks run AWAY from gunfire.

“A reasonable person” would do similarly.

Which, I suppose, would mean that LEO’s are therefore NOT “reasonable.”

Again, that is contradictory to the AG’s report which presumes that reasonable people run TO the sound of gunfire.

That also makes everyone on the scene who fled, unreasonable.

And on page 8, the report states “The officers engage Bradford, who stands holding a gun and then, unlike others at the scene, runs toward the gunshots.” (emphasis added)

The AG’s claim not only contradicts his later assertion, it does NOT even make logical sense, because if the shooter was running TOWARD the sound of gunfire, the alleged shooter was not the shooter.

Before appointment by corrupt former Governor Robert Bentley as Alabama Attorney General, Steve Marshall was former District Attorney for Marshall County, Alabama (no relation).

The report states that all these events occurred within 5 seconds. FIVE SECONDS. Using the AG’s alleged scenario, EJ Bradford had 2.5 seconds to run away, then for some unknown reason, decided to run back to the just-shot victim.

The entire scenario as he described it is so utterly asinine that it defies imagination.

Do you immediately see how absurdly preposterous the scenario then becomes?

And yet, that’s what AG Marshall says is “reasonable.”

But then again, his didn’t prevent his own wife from committing suicide, though he could have.

Perhaps that’s also reasonable.


AL AG Report on Hoover PD shooting death of EJ Bradford Jr.

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