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Say It: Madam President Kamala Harris

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Kamala Harris, a seasoned and respected prosecutor first as San Francisco District Attorney, and then as state Attorney General, is now United States Senator from California, and campaigning for the Office of the President of the United States.

Already, the GOP Hate & Slander machine is cranking up.

National Review, once a respected conservative journal, has now become a tawdry yellow rag.

And sadly, Yahoo! News doesn’t prominently display that the hit-piece journo-job is an Op-Ed.

Furthermore, the author doesn’t mention that the first link is to yet another Op-Ed, that one in the “failing” New York Times.

And the “news” item to which they refer in the San Francisco Gate is well over 10 years old.

But moreover, if the level of “offense” to which they ostensibly refer was so severe, Prosecutor Harris would’ve faced professional censure, or worse.

And, she didn’t.

Furthermore, Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo who was overseeing the matter had authority to toss out over 40 cases allegedly affected, and to rule against any alleged professional misbehavior by Prosecutor Harris, and…

She didn’t.

But here’s what Prosecutor Harris DID do:
She set aside well over 600 cases which were affected by the misbehavior of Deborah Madden, a now-retired crime lab technician… who was convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence in 2008, which should have been reported to defense lawyers by Prosecutor Harris’ office, but was not.

In 1963 the Supreme Court ruled that District Attorneys are obligated to share with the defense any information about prosecution witnesses that could be used to challenge their credibility.

Later, Ms. Madden was accused of stealing cocaine from the evidence she was testing.

As San Francisco District Attorney, Kamala Harris stepped aside from any involvement in the matter to avoid the possible appearance of conflict of interest, and asked California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s office to investigate because anyone in her office could have been called to testify in the case.

The State found that there was insufficient evidence to charge Ms. Madden, and Jim Finefrock, a spokesman for Attorney General Jerry Brown‘s office said of the matter that, “It was investigated thoroughly and exhaustively, and our conclusion was that we would not prosecute her on any additional charges.”

Later, San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón closed the drug crime portion of the crime lab because of chronic understaffing problems, even though the entire crime lab itself was fully accredited.

Those sound like truly serious problems about Kamala Harris to me.


At what point does the GOP’s Malicious Hate and Slander machine stop?

Already, she’s been the target of mail bomb packages.

And shortly after she announced her intentions to campaign for the Office of the President, she raised $1.5 million from 38,000 donors in one day, nearly topping the record set by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in his 2016 Presidential campaign by raising $1.5 million from 35,000 in 24 hours.

And like Senator Sanders, she is NOT accepting any money from Corporate PACs, and is only accepting campaign contributions by, and for The People.

Speaking of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY-14), Senator Harris said, “I think she is challenging the status quo; I think that’s fantastic. She is introducing bold ideas that should be discussed. And I think it’s good for the party. I frankly think it’s good for the country. Let’s look at the bold ideas. And I’m eager that we have those discussions. And when we’re able to defend the status quo, then do it – and if there’s not merit to that, then let’s explore new ideas.”

On that same teevee show, Senator Harris was asked her thoughts about Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib’s (D, 13) remarks made at a MoveOn campaign reception in which she shared a conversation with her son; he said, “Look, mama, you won. Bullies don’t win.” She replied, “And I said, ‘Baby, they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and impeach the motherfucker.'”

Senator Harris said, “My candid response it, she is not the first, nor will she be the last, elected person to curse in public. So that’s my response. But I do believe that there is certainly – and we all know this… right? It’s the subject of conversations that you all have at such an incredible level at this table daily – which is, people are feeling very passionate right now in our country. And they’re expressing those views in a variety of ways. I also do believe that in the passion, what we also do have to check is a separate matter, is that there are also, very – right now, powerful voices in our country – that are sowing hate and division among us. And we also need to check that.’”

Of course, Congresswoman Tlaib’s remarks are pale by comparison to the frequent, felonious, misogynistic boasts of numerous sexual assaults which were discovered to have been made by then-private-citizen Trump years ago when he thought he was in private – which Evangelicals and other GOPers quickly dismissed as simply innocuous banter, or mere “locker room talk.”

And… in 2017, Kamala Harris was polling HIGHER than Donald Trump, and pollsters found that were the election held that day, she would have narrowly beat him. The poll was conducted among 836 registered voters from July 14 to 17, and had a very tight margin of error of 3.4%.

The woman is STRONG!

She’s most lovely, telegenic, and she’s EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT!

Very unlike a certain GOP Vice Presidential candidate from Alaska who abandoned the people by simply up and quitting as Governor.




2 Responses to “Say It: Madam President Kamala Harris”

  1. […] I’m not bashing her – in fact, I really like and appreciate her and her style, and early on thought she’d be Presidential quality material – or any other Democratic or GOP […]


  2. God Bless the USA said

    2016/MSNBC: ‘Hillary has a 100% chance of winning!’

    And, THEN what happened? LOL! #Trump2020


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