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Good News For Hungry Hearts And Minds

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Christians haven’t always done evangelization well. The Benedictine monk and bishop, Saint Boniface (c. 680-754), had a mixed history in that regard. There are stories about him literally trampling the religious traditions of other cultures but also about him embracing the customs of people and inviting them to see their own lives in light of the gospel. What’s your take on evangelization? Is there a hammer, or the gospel in someone’s hand? Consider the words of the U.S. bishops in their statement Go and Make Disciples: “Evangelization happens when the word of Jesus speaks to people’s hearts and minds. Needing no trickery or manipulation, evangelization can happen only when people accept the gospel freely, as the ‘good news’ it is meant to be, because of the power of the gospel message and the accompanying grace of God.”

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