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Get Outside Your Self, Focus On The Bigger Picture

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, March 8, 2018

If there were ever a patron saint for people who jump to extremes and then find balance in their lives, it would be John of God (1495-1559). First he was a wild-living soldier nearly hanged after being accused of stealing from the army. After a reprieve, he was so grateful that he spent two days praying before a roadside crucifix. Going to Granada in Spain, he heard a sermon by Blessed John of Avila that so moved him to repentance he became unhinged. He gave away everything and roamed the streets beating himself and begging forgiveness for his past sins. This behavior landed him in a mental hospital. The compassionate John of Avila visited him and advised him to do something for others rather than only be obsessed with himself. John of God heeded the advice and opened a house for the care of the sick and poor. Next time you feel yourself bouncing around in life, stop, center, and shift your focus from your problems to others’ needs.

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