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A Few Thoughts On Support Of Roy Moore For US Senate In Alabama

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

“Roy Moore is no prize, but Alabama doesn’t need an opportunistic weasel like Doug Jones representing it. For one thing, he’ll drive a wedge within Alabama’s congressional delegation. He will quickly show he doesn’t share the values of most Alabamians because he will be a puppet of ilk like Schumer and Pelosi. The Senate will likely not seat Moore and Alabama’s governor can appoint a better qualified individual to the seat. This is much more desirable than “Sen. Jones.””


My thoughts in response to the preceding post:

Obviously, we do not know each other, however, I would appreciate the opportunity to rebut some of your commentary.

You wrote in part that renown former Federal Prosecutor, now Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Alabama Doug Jones for Senate is, “an opportunistic weasel,” and yet you provided no evidence to support your assertion. Strike one. (Supposing that by “weasel” you meant to refer to someone whose story constantly changes, you surely mean to refer to Roy Moore, whose story has so changed after facing increased scrutiny.)

Then in the next sentence, you wrote in prediction of Mr. Jones that, “he’ll drive a wedge within Alabama’s congressional delegation,” yet again, provided no basis for your claim. Strike two. (I think you must be confusing him with his opponent, Roy Moore, who has already created division and strife in Alabama, and the nation.)

Following those two comments, you also wrote of Mr. Jones that, “he doesn’t share the values of most Alabamians,” and true to your path, again did not provide substantiation. Strike three. (Sexual predation of children by adults in the legal profession is NOT an Alabama value.)

Fortunately, this is not baseball, so let’s continue.

In that same sentence, you wrote of Mr. Jones that, “he will be a puppet,” but guess what? You STILL did NOT provide even a hint of evidence. Strike four. (If by “puppet” you mean to refer to someone who has a first-rate legal mind, and was a Federal Prosecutor approved by a largely Republican Senate, that’d be Doug Jones.)

You then wrote that “the Senate will likely not seat Moore,” which is another crystal-ball like prediction, though it is couched as fact. In some sense, I share the thought that, if Roy Moore is elected, the Senate should NOT keep him. However, chances of that happening are slim, and slimmer. In the U.S. Senate’s history, very few have ever been ousted, or even censured, so there’s that consideration, if history is any guide. And as part of that same thought, you also wrote that “Alabama’s governor can appoint a better qualified individual to the seat,” which could occur, but only ~if~ Roy Moore is rejected by the Senate… which again, if history is any guide, is highly unlikely to happen.

Mr. E, I submit for your consideration that as Alabama’s Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore was TWICE removed from the bench in TWO separate terms, by a jury of his peers – a HIGHLY unusual move for any state, much less Alabama. The severity of transgression warranting such a move is on a scale, the magnitude of which is so severe, that even in the Federal court’s 211 year history, only 12 judges have ever been removed. (I write in reference to disgraced jurist Mark Fuller, who resigned rather than be impeached for spousal abuse, drug abuse, and alcoholism.)

Judicial misbehavior is considered such a severe infraction and extreme violation of public trust that it warrants equally extreme public and professional scrutiny. In 2013, Alabama’s Judicial Inquiry Commission and its Court of the Judiciary had existed for only 40 years, and in that time, only two of the 43 judges brought before the AJIC on charges of ethics violations or judicial misconduct were ever found Not Guilty, and thus, faced no discipline.

Of those:
• 7 were removed from the bench
• 11 retired or resigned
• 14 were suspended without pay (including many censures)
• 6 were only censured
• 3 were suspended until the end of their term
• 1 was dismissed
• 1 faced no disciplinary action by the court

That Roy Moore appeared before the AJIC and COJ ~TWICE~ is unprecedented in egregiousness. Analogously, it’d be like a two-time convicted violent felon getting a job in an Elementary School. It would be stupefyingly mind-boggling.

In fact, in their Final Judgment, the Special Supreme Court (the COJ) which heard Moore’s second case, called him a liar. How severe is ~THAT~!?! And that is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg on Roy Moore. Further, it has NOTHING to do with any allegations of his behavior as Etowah County Assistant District Attorney 30-40 years ago.

Some years ago, using publicly available records, I performed an independent analysis on Roy Moore’s 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax-free charity, and was shocked to find that, in violation of IRS rules, he had abused that charity which he founded and headed, to enrich himself, and his family. No one gave any attention to my work. Only recently did other investigative reporters make the same findings which I did, and they discovered an unreported compensation scheme which further damages his reputation, and violates IRS tenets for tax-free charities.

Given the overwhelming preponderance of evidences against Roy More demonstrating his wholesale lack of integrity, poor or absent moral character, and convictions for numerous violations of Alabama’s Canons of Judicial Ethics, it is my considered opinion that he is utterly unqualified to hold any office of public trust – including dog catcher – and the ~only~ thing he ought to be running for, is the county line. In fact, I’m amazed that he has not lost his license to practice law, and been disbarred in Alabama.

Now, to contrast all that with the man who convicted two cold-case domestic terrorist bomber-murderers, and secured indictment on another well-known domestic terrorist-bomber… there is NO comparison whatsoever.

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