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The Evolution Of #RoyMoore Supporters

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Has anyone noticed? Roy Moore supporters have gone from “he didn’t do it” to “so what if he did” to “what about so-and-so”. In other words, their moving target defenses of him and their support of him have changed from mere denial, to justification, to the well-known juvenile tactic that “all my friends do it.”

At this point, there are so MANY voices, that it CAN’T be a “conspiracy” by anyone, either the Doug Jones campaign, the Democrat party, the national GOP, or George Soros, so his blind-leading-the-blind supporters simply hold onto that sinking ship, despite anything they hear.


They WANT to believe.

That is, they believe DESPITE significant contradictions, and increasing evidence to the contrary. And it all means but one thing: They are in denial.

Denial is the very first response given by alcoholics and drug abusers when confronted with the evidence of their harmful habit.

In stark contrast, people with reasonable faculty give pause for thought and ask themselves, and others, if what others are seeing in them is true. It’s commonly known as the “sometimes-you-can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees” syndrome.

That is precisely why it is important for us to “hold mirrors up to one another,” to continually seek and practice clarity of thought, and perspective.

So, in some sense, it certainly seems that Roy Moore supporters are lacking those very qualities, and it makes me ask, “what went wrong, where, and when?”

Many are criticized for supporting party over people, and in this scenario, it certainly seems as if there are those type in abundance. And yet, that is PRECISELY the type of attitude and politics that most have come to despise.

There has NEVER been a perfect politician, and there never will be. That is because politics is the art of compromise. And eventually, if a person watches closely enough, they’ll find their favorite politician has done, or said something to disappoint them. It’s also that way in our relationships with others. Who ever had a friend, lover, spouse, or mate that at some time disappointed us by what they said, or did? Everyone has. Similarly, at one time, or another, we all have disappointed someone by what we said, or did.

And when the accumulation of disappointments increases to the extent that they obviously have in the Roy Moore campaign, it is a type of mental sickness to imagine that there is nothing wrong with him, or his candidacy. That is a statement, which in effect, says he is a perfect candidate.

What if such a volume of allegations were made against a pastor, or other cleric? I dare say the congregation and denomination would not delay to immediately relieve that person of pastoral duties pending an investigation, and even defrock them if they were so unashamedly unrepentant as Moore is.

These allegations cannot be taken lightly, even if they were 30-something years ago. The reason why, is that it speaks loudly of the fabric of one’s moral character, and demonstrates that at an early stage, malfeasance was afoot, and that ignorance and secrecy aided and abetted illegal and immoral behavior.

Even if all the allegations against him were not true, his record as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice is seriously disturbing, and should give any reasonable-minded person serious pause for thought. It is more than ironic that in 10 of his opinions from the bench in cases from January 2013 through May 2016, show his thinking is seriously off-kilter regarding sex crimes because he voted to find the defendants “Not Guilty,” despite the fact that they had every one been duly convicted by an impartial jury of their peers with no errors in the trial. In many of his dissenting opinions in those cases, his was the solitary dissent. The other 8 Justices voted to uphold convictions. That is not mere minority, it is so extreme that it defies imagination, and is frankly, disturbingly bizarre. And yet, in those same opinions, Moore wrote numerous times that Alabama’s “Rape Shield” laws and rules governing trials in sex crime cases to protect victims should be ignored. If that is not judicial activism and callous disregard for people, and law, I do not know what is.

Similarly, his disdain for, and ignorance of our United States Constitution is well-known, because he wrote an Op-Ed claiming that Congress had a power and responsibility to forbid a duly-elected United States Representative from taking the Oath of Office, merely because of his religion. That is despite the fact that in Article VI, Section 3, it states in part that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

Again, regarding any allegations of sexual impropriety against him from years ago, it is true that any Statute of Limitations has long since expired, and even if they were true, there is nothing could be done legally to seek a redress of grievances, per se.

However, there is ONE thing which can be done legally to prevent him from ever exerting legal influence again. And that is to NOT elect Roy Moore to the United States Senate from Alabama.

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