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Alabama Will Not Progress Until #ALpolitics Has A New #Constitution

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, October 29, 2017

In her gubernatorial campaign bid, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb has a new ad referencing the state’s fouled budgeting, in an ostensibly humorous manner, citing repeated “borrowing” from the Educational Trust Fund as culprit.

Sue Bell Cobb’s new campaign video:

However… the ROOT of the EXCEEDING MAJORITY of the state’s problems lie with its bloated and unwieldy 1901 Constitution (now with 900+ amendments and counting, making it the world’s LONGEST, bar none), which in part FORBIDS “Home Rule,” which is the legal authority of local governments, i.e., counties and cities, to self-govern, and instead FORCES state legislators to micro-manage cities and counties, wasting precious time on exclusively local matters, rather than effectively steering the ship of state. If you’ve ever wondered why if, for example, you live in Chilton county and must vote on a matter in Etowah county, or live in Florence and must vote on a matter pertaining only to Mobile, that’s why. Alabama’s 1901 Constitution forbids Home Rule.

That Alabama’s 1901 Constitution mandates a Balanced Budget is not problematic in and of itself (many states do similarly), but rather that it has a wretchedly inequitable personal income tax system which imposes higher percentage tax rates upon the poor than the wealthy and well-heeled. THAT is unjust, and UofA School of Law Professor Susan Pace Hamill is but one whom has concisely and authoritatively written about myriad problems it creates, legally, ethically, and morally.

And, in 1991, Joey Kennedy was among three Editorial News Writers for the Birmingham News who won the Pulitzer Prize that year for their outstanding work documenting the exact nature, scope and extent of the problems with Alabama’s Tax Revenue System and budgeting. In part, they cited Multinational Timber Corporations and ALFA (formerly Alabama Farm Bureau) whose lobbyists wine and dine legislators to keep tax rates obscenely low (at least 10x lower than Mississippi) on vast tracts of Alabama timberland they own, which in turn only profits their Big Business owners, while Alabama children, the infirm, and elderly all suffer because of their Wall Street self-centered greed.


See also:

Until such time as Alabama has a New Constitution, its problems will not merely persist, but increasingly, will continue to not merely hamstring the state, but slowly strangle it, and in that macabre process, keep it tortuously tied to the whipping post of its checkered past.

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