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All Work Has Dignity -and- The Laborer Is Worthy Of Their Hire

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, October 23, 2017

A long-time & dear friend recently shared this thought: “If you’re going to say something about people lacking career aspirations, make sure you’ve created opportunities for advancement and not merely encouraged people to work from Engineer II to Engineer III.”

My thoughts follow:

While I am in an ethnographic & demographic majority, I am simultaneously in an educational & professional minority. However, for as long as I can remember, I have NEVER ceased advocating for educational attainment, either through Vocational Education – and that word, “vocation,” is one we have improperly derided, though it has ALWAYS had greatly esteemed meaning. So let us instead, use the OUTSTANDING and more descriptive term “Trades.”

Now… I have NEVER ceased advocating for educational attainment, INCLUDING Trades!

ALL work has dignity! And “the laborer is worthy of their hire.” And that is PRECISELY what those who purport to promote employment do NOT do by deriding & belittling commercial/chain/fast-food restaurant employees (and others, including retail salespeople, barbers, cosmetologists, etc.) as “burger slingers,” by asserting that they do not “deserve” to be paid a living wage for making the food eaten by those who negatively criticize them for so doing. This aphorism is appropriately fitting: Don’t criticize the farmer while your mouth is full of food.

To my way of thinking, negatively criticizing restaurant employees, and others (whether in service industries, or not) is denigrating the value of ANY work, or labor.

If you negatively criticize one, you negatively criticize all, because in America, we are “e pluribus unum.” And we must NOT castigate, belittle, or criticize those who labor if we are to advance as a nation, either economically, or socially.

In America, we are STILL all about giving one another (our family, brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, etc.) a “hand up, rather than a hand out.” We must CONTINUE to provide opportunities for EVERYONE, including “the least of these My brethren.” The wealthy and powerful do not need our “help,” for they have all the help they can buy. It is WE who need OUR help. And WE have the power! But do we have the will?

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