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Extending Battery Life in iOS 11

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, October 19, 2017

In Apple’s iOS 11 {as 11.0.3 (15A432)}, shortened battery life/power has been a source of continual complaint form many.

Part of the reason why, is that in iOS 11, the Bluetooth & Wi-Fi features can NOT be turned OFF from the “swipe” menu, which is accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Instead, what that “switch” does, is to DISCONNECT from the device to which it is connected.

Like cellular service, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are two-way RADIOS, which send, and receive signals. Receiving signals (like the radio in your car, or an old-fashioned “transistor” radio does) doesn’t take as much battery power as sending signals, but because the radio is a TWO-WAY (it SENDS -and- RECEIVES) it is CONTINUALLY sending signals.

Essentially, what “disconnecting” from the device does is reduce power consumption… but only minimally, because it CONTINUES to send a signal whenever ANY device is in range, even IF there is no connection. The connection algorithm of the devices requires the devices to connect IF a device is in range – such as with the “Air Drop” feature – which allows ANY device nearby to CONNECT to it. And such connections ALWAYS require a “hand off” to ensure that a connection has occurred, and that two-way communication is enabled. In effect, it is “hunting and seeking” sending out “ping” signals, seeking nearby devices.

Suffice it to say, that has it’s own problems, including security. So I NEVER use Apple’s “Air Drop” feature for that reason… EVER!

In iOS 11, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features DO NOT turn OFF when accessed from the “swipe” menu by sweeping upward from the bottom of the screen. They ONLY DISCONNECT from a connected device/service.

Some modern automobiles have Bluetooth connectivity built-in as features, to enable the driver, or others to access the phone in a “hands-free” manner while driving. So, during those times, it would be advisable to physically connect to the Power Port (formerly known as the “cigarette lighter”) to recharge the iPhone (or other mobile device).

While driving, Wi-Fi is essentially useless, because it cannot connect. That’s because of proximity. In other words, a Wi-Fi signal does NOT reach as far as other radio signals (like the FM/AM, or Satellite entertainment radios), so turning OFF Wi-Fi while driving will also save battery power, and lengthen battery life.

Pro Tip: To preserve battery life, when NOT using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features,
access the MASTER Bluetooth and MASTER Wi-Fi On/Off menu “switches” from the Settings menu to turn OFF the service(s).

The path is:




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