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Build The Wall

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Seems an Alabama company (Caddell Construction, in Montgomery) is vying for POS45’s attention by being one of six “finalists” in the surreality show now called “The President,” which has built a “life-sized sample” segment along the US-Mexico border.

Why don’t the idiots build one around Alabama?

Which reminds me of a story:

On one of their patrols, two GIs in the Middle East happened upon a device halfway buried in the sand, which they thought was an IED. After determining it was not, one of them picked it up and dusted it off, whereupon a cloud of smoke began to billow from it.

Scared, he threw it down, and they began to run from it.

Just as soon they thought they’d safely distanced themselves from it, they turned around and then saw a genie appear from within the cloud of smoke.

They hesitated reaching for their rifles because the genie appeared unarmed. After all, a muscular man wearing a turban, no shirt, and a billowy pair of pants could hardly be a menace… right?

Suddenly, the genie spoke, and in a authoritative voice said, “Because you’ve freed me from the prison of that bottle where I’ve been held for the past thousand years, I’ll grant each of you a wish.”

Thinking they might be hallucinating from dehydration, the two GIs turned to each other for reassurance they were not, and then took a long drink of water from their hydration packs, while the genie patiently waited.

After they’d splashed some water on their faces, and rubbed their eyes, they saw the genie was still there.

Turning to one, the genie asked, “What is your wish?”

“Well,” he said in a distinctive Texas drawl, “I’m from Texas, and we’re mighty proud of the Lone Star State, and I wanna’ keep Texas the way it is, forever. Texas should only be for Texans. So, I want you to build a wall around Texas, so thick, so high, and so wide, that nothing by any means can get in, or out of Texas – not even a bug.”

Without hesitation, the genie said, “It is done as you wish.”

The Texan thought he was pretty smart and had a self-satisfied look upon his face when he heard that the genie had granted his wish. After all, he wanted to keep Texas safe, pure, and to protect it.

Turning to the other GI, the genie asked, “And what does your heart desire?”

The other GI paused quietly for a moment, and then said, “Tell me about that wall.”

“It is as he desired,” said the genie in response. “A wall is now built around Texas which is exactly as he asked. It is “so thick, so high, and so wide, that nothing by any means can get in, or out, of Texas – not even a bug.””

“Impenetrable, eh? Nothing? Not even a bug?,” asked the other GI.

“Nothing,” replied the genie.

“Well now,” said the other GI, “I reckon before I tell you my wish, you ought’a know a little something about me. I’m from Oklahoma…” he said, and then stopped as if in mid-sentence.

Quiet was all around, and time seemed to stand still as the blazing sun cooked the desert sands, while the other GI paused thoughtfully.

Looking at the genie squarely in the eye the other GI repeated, “Nothing?”

In an authoritatively final tone of voice, the genie replied, “Nothing.”

“Good!,” said the other GI. “Fill it with water!”

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