Warm Southern Breeze

"… there is no such thing as nothing."

Keeping Vigilant

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, September 1, 2017

Years ago a cartoon appeared in which a monk is standing on a golf course flying a kite. In the distance, two astonished golfers are staring up at the kite, on which is written the word “repent.” This cartoon was a gentler version of the stereotypical wild-eyed, long-haired prophet roaming the streets holding a sign calling on all to mend their ways because Jesus is about to come back. While these figures may seem a little ridiculous, they have a point. We don’t know when the Lord will return, so it’s best to be ready at all times. But we do not wait for him out of fear. If we live in Christ’s presence now, we will have nothing to be afraid of when we meet him again.

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