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Takes Criticism Well

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Herodias and Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist Artist: Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish, 1577–1640) Medium: oil on canvas Size: 137 x 115 cm. (53.9 x 45.3 in.)

It’s human to feel pain and anger, especially at times when you’ve made a mistake and have been soundly called on the carpet for it. King Herod’s wife Herodias wanted to get even with John the Baptist after he spoke out about something she was involved in that was morally wrong. Herodias got revenge, but not a better life. Although hers is an example of extreme vengeance, the moral of her story is one worth remembering. When you make mistakes that others rightfully point out, you can punish the messenger or take the message to heart, but only by doing the latter can you make things right.

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