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Refraining From Negative Personal Criticism

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, August 12, 2017

Do you ever negatively criticize people? Perhaps even, those closest to you – meaning loved ones, and dear friends?

Why is it that such seems to be the case, more often, than not?

To refrain from negatively criticizing people is a loving decision that I’ve made which respects people.

It doesn’t mean that I always agree with their decisions, but it allows room for people to make their own decisions – which is what everyone does, anyway – instead of telling them what ~I think~ they need, or ought to do.

It also liberates me from the burden of living their lives for them. I have my own life to live, and that’s quite enough for me.

A friend can say that they disagree with what a friend has done, or said, or behaved, and that’s just about as far as it should go. Anything beyond that is manipulative and controlling.

And remember:
Giving unsolicited advice is like going to a “By Invitation Only” party without one.
It makes no difference who you know at the party
– including the host/ess –
because if you don’t have an invitation,  you’re not getting in.

That is to say, it makes no difference how expert,
how timely, how perfect, or spot-on the advice may be;
if no one is seeking your advice,
they certainly won’t accept, receive, or follow anything you have to say.

So, do yourself – and others – a favor, and “save it for a rainy day.”

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