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Humility Is The Good Word

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Among Saint Benedict’s renowned Rules for monastic living were guidelines for the Cellarer – the person in charge of the monastery’s provisions. The Cellarer safeguarded and dispensed the monastery’s food and drink and adhered to quotas set by the abbot. During lean times when there was little to distribute, tensions and resentments could easily surface. Therefore, in his wisdom, Benedict considered humility to be the most important characteristic of the Cellarer: “Above all things let him have humility; and if he has nothing else to give let him give a good word in answer, for it is written, ‘A good word is above the best gift.’” (cf. Ecclesiastes 18:17) Whenever you are in a position of sharing provisions with others, keep in mind the Cellarer’s Rule for a humble and kind heart.

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