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Jeff Sessions On His KKK “guys were OK until I learned they smoked pot” Quote

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, June 12, 2017

Many have said Jeff Sessions didn’t say it, and have gone back and forth on the matter.

Let’s bury that hatchet – once and for all – squarely where it rightfully belongs.

Here, from the Congressional Record, is Jeff Sessions’ 1986 testimony under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee following his nomination by then-President Ronald Reagan to a Federal Judgeship.

Recall that he was rejected following Senate questions following of charges of racial prejudice and insensitivity which included testimony from 21 witnesses over 19 hours.

Sessions was rejected based upon his comments & testimony. The vote against him because of covertly racial animus was joined by two Republicans.

Further, his role in prosecuting an Alabama voter fraud case against Black Civil Rights activists also figured prominently. That case is recounted in-depth here.

Key testimony in Session’s hearing came from former assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Figures – the only Black Assistant U.S. attorney in Alabama at the time – who died January 2015.

Presently, Jeff Sessions – who is now United States Attorney General – faces questioning by the Senate for his role in Russian involvement in manipulating the 2016 General Election for President, specifically favoring Donald Trump, a politically inexperienced, and grotesque GOP candidate.

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