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#ALpolitics @Ed_Henry_HD9 Bows Out Of US Senate Race

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ed Henry’s OUT!

And he didn’t have to swing three times.


A news story published on Yellowhammer noted Republican State Representative Ed Henry’s withdrawal from candidacy for the U. S. Senate seat now occupied by Republican Luther Strange, an appointee of now-resigned corrupt Republican Governor Robert Bentley to fill the unfulfilled term created by Republican POTUS Trump’s nomination of Republican Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

The Special Election will be held December 12, 2017, to choose Senator Jeff Sessions’ successor and to complete the Senate term through January 2021.

The story quoted Rep. Henry in part as saying that, “my motives were questioned.”

A fellow by the name of Jordan Smith wrote the following on FaceBook:

{verbatim} “You have no idea what your talking about I know him personally he’s a friend of mine he’s always been a leader with a servant’s heart I go to church with him he loves the Lord with all of his heart Ed is a man of integrity he’s never been about power he treats everyone the same he’s a strong fighter he has stood up for our district 9 and fought against the corruption that goes on in Montgomery from Democrats and Republicans you Self Righteous Hypocrite you don’t have any idea what your talking about are you a member of the liberal teachers union

Bless his heart.
He doesn’t know how to use punctuation.
One wonders if his computer keyboard is broken.

That’s the ticket!

Say you love Jesus, have “a servant’s heart,” and everything’s A-OK!

What I want to know is this:
Several years ago, the Alabama State Legislature essentially FORBADE a well-known, and highly popularized Christian religious practice conducted primarily in the mountains of northeast Alabama. The common term for such Christian religious adherents is called “snake handling.” It’s presently ILLEGAL to handle snakes in Christian churches in Alabama.

How’d they do that while “protecting” religious liberty?

The Legislature, in their infinite wisdom, protected the snake, and made it illegal to handle any venomous serpents without a license from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

So… when is Ed Henry going to write legislation to rescind that most DEFINITELY anti-Christian law?

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