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BIG INSURANCE Companies Fear Single Payer For ONE Reason

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, May 12, 2017

A friend had shared the opening paragraph, upon which I remarked.

My response follows.

“At the risk of stating the obvious, I feel compelled to note that insurance companies do not exist to provide health care. They exist to make money. Big money. Big money at your time of greatest vulnerability. This happens by raising income as much as possible and limiting “risk” as much as possible. Now go ponder the implications.”


And that is the single greatest reason why a not-for-profit option as Single Payer is the most commonsensical choice existing.

As you state, a common misperception is that for-profit, Wall $treet-traded Big Insurance Companies provide healthcare, when in reality, they ONLY thing they do is pay, or not pay. And because they are for-profit, Wall $treet-traded Big Insurance Companies, they MUST turn a profit to stay in business. When corporate shareholders (most often as BIG MONEY TRADERS) aren’t paid, or the company doesn’t meet Wall $treet analysts’ profit expectations, the company’s stock falls in value.

The exact opposite is true with government when government pays. The ONLY thing government must do is break even. And for that reason, government-paid, and government-provided services (electricity, as in TVA, or fiber optic Internet service by Chattanooga’s EPB) are inherently more efficient, and less expensive.

Furthermore, anyone who claims to promote a Free Market and seeks to deny government from competing in that Free Market is a hypocrite, because in a TRULY Free Market, EVERYONE can compete.

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