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How Russia Captured the American Presidency

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, April 2, 2017


How Russia Captured the American Presidency

By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on April 2, 2017
Used with permission

Russian President Vladimir Putin devised and implemented a brilliant plan to capture the American Presidency. He used our greatest asset – freedom of the press – to invade America, manipulate the 2016 election process, and seize the Presidency.

The most powerful leadership position in the free world was captured a Russian strongman without one shot being fired. Putin’s plan was successful because it was simple, easy to implement, and unexpected by Americans.

This is how Putin worked his plan: 

Putin has always known he could control the fate of the world if he controlled the American Presidency. This control was not possible during the last year of Bill Clinton’s Presidency, or the 16-year period when George W. Bush and Barrack Obama served as President. Each of these men respected Putin, but none of them trusted him. Their relationship with Putin and Russia evolved on a measured, issue-by-issue basis. To their credit, none of them surrendered an ounce of America’s super power to Putin and Russia.

With the dawn of the 2016 national election cycle approaching, Putin saw a chance to pick and back a presidential candidate in order to shape the American-Russia relationship in his country’s favor. The candidate who best fitted Putin’s profile for serving as a Russian surrogate in the America Presidency was Donald J. Trump.

Trump, a high-profile New York real estate developer, was an easy target for Putin. He was political neophyte and he was financially indebted to members of Putin’s powerful financial oligarchy. Trump also had an oversized ego and bloated sense of self-importance.

Putin played to Trump’s ego and political ambitions. He stroked Trump’s ego and bagged him right away. Trump’s substantial debtor-creditor relationship with Russian financial institutions was just icing on the cake.

Next, Putin embarked upon a plan to destabilize America’s participatory form of democracy by exploiting our Freedom of the Press. Using an Internet delivery system, Putin orchestrated the greatest invasion of America the world has ever seen. He did it by flooding us with fake news stories. These stories had two central themes: (a) they projected America as a troubled democracy and (b) they portrayed Hillary Clinton in the worse light possible.

Russian bloggers were highly effective in seeding the fake stories on the Internet and amplifying their impact in America through advanced cyber trending and distribution technology. The bloggers were aided by Russian hackers who stole electronically stored documents from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton Campaign and released them into the public domain through WikiLeaks.

Then, Putin’s operatives provided Trump campaign members and political surrogates with media talking points that came straight from the fake news stories and leaked documents. They also coordinated the release of the stolen DNC and Clinton Campaign documents with the Trump Campaign in order to inflict the maximum possible damage on Clinton’s presidential campaign.

After Trump won the Presidency, the Russians began the process of “governing” America by secretly meeting and conferring with at least 13 members of Trump’s inner circle, including campaign staffers, transition team leaders, and family members. Team Trump was actually meeting with known Russian operatives.

It is now taking ongoing Congressional probes by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees to shine light on Trump’s murky ties to Putin and his Russian oligarchy. The FBI is also investigating these troubling ties.

Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is one of the insiders who met and talked with Russian operatives under highly questionable circumstances. Flynn is eager to tell his story to Congress and the FBI, but only if he is given immunity from criminal prosecution.

Trump has yet to come clean about his business or personal ties to Putin. Instead, he routinely lashes out at anyone who questions this sinister relationship. In contrast, Trump never says or tweets anything negative about Putin.

Unbelievably, President Trump has even gone to war with America’s entire community of intelligence, national security, and federal law enforcement agencies over his dark ties to Russia and Putin.

None of this drama over Trump’s stealthy relationship with Putin and Russia is good for America, or for Trump. Donald Trump has allowed himself to become a financial, business and political captive of Vladimir Putin. Simply put, Trump is not free to serve as America’s President or to advance our national interests when they conflict with Putin’s geopolitical agenda.

Today, President Trump serves Russia’s interests in the United States much like an appointed “viceroy” or “governor” would serve a foreign monarch during the era of colonial rule. In this scenario, Vladimir Putin is Donald Trump’s “king.”

This is how Russia has captured the American Presidency.

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