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Free Enterprise And #Beer

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, February 6, 2017


budweiser-beer-original-logoabinbev-china-logoFor that reason, and others, I have NOT purchased an AB-InBev product in quite some time, not only because of the inferior quality of their products, but because it is a greedy, global, monolithic oligopolic (virtually monopoly) enterprise.

It is NOT an American company, and ceased being an American company when it SOLD OUT to the Belgian brewing company InBev for around $52 billion in 2008. From then, the company was named AB-InBev.

Molson Canadian Lager beer, original bottle, brewed in Montreal, CanadaTo add insult to injury, the U.S. Department of Justice OK’d a deal in 2016 in which AB-InBev BOUGHT SABMiller’s U.S. business which in turn, would allow Molson Coors to sell beers such as Miller Lite and Miller High Life in the U.S.sabmiller-logo

SABMiller, which was then Headquartered in England, was the conglomerate corporate owner of Coors, Miller & Molson, and Molson was a former Canadian-made & owned brewery.

Miller High Life beer 1907 adNow think about it.Coors Banquet Beer, commemorative reissue of original bottle1905 Miller High Life ad appearing in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, which was later renamed Leslie's Weekly.

Miller was first made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – it was “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous,” and now has to be licensed to be sold in America.

Coors was developed, made, and headquartered in Golden, Colorado.

It too now has to have a special license to be sold in America.

Do you see anything askew there?

When you Buy and Drink Locally Brewed Beer, you support local business, local jobs, local economy, and enjoy a SUPERIOR quality product

(in the exceeding majority of cases).

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