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Hillary, Trump, Sanders, Kasich… Who’s In? Who’s out?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hillary this, Trump that. People are increasingly sickened by both candidates, and polls continue to illustrate as much.

Some fervently adhere to Bernie, while other Hillary supporters bash him – and vice versa. 

And very few will admit to supporting Trump, either GOP adherents, or Independents. It seems a “Pariah Syndrome” covers Trump like a blanket of slop. But that’s okay, because he now loves Jesus… at least according to James Dobson – the quasi politico-religious counselor-cum-minister who enriched himself by promoting the politics of “family” – who heard a second hand report of the matter. Reliable indeed. (/sarcasm)

Very few have addressed the matter pragmatically – except to conduct polls, the number of which has increased significantly. And, in part, that can be good, and quite telling.


Here’s the deal: 

1.) Among those polled, Hillary’s continued disapproval rating  – 54.6 unfavorable is higher (or at least on par with) Trump’s – 59.2 unfavorable

2.) The first word out of people’s mouths when asked about Hillary is “liar.”

3.) The solitary candidates who have positive approval ratings are:
i.) Sanders/48.9 favorable, and;
ii.) Kasich/37.7 favorable

Practically, in Hillary, politically, the Democrats have a par with Trump.

But… it ain’t over ’til it’s over – and it ain’t over yet.

We still have the Democratic and Republican National Conventions ahead of us.





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