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2016 Election Cycle Thoughts #P2 #TCOT #politics

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, April 18, 2016

There’s little doubt that the 2016 General Election cycle will be as historical as it is hysterical.

The GOP is floundering with an invasion of illegal aliens which consist of undocumented TEA partiers, religious wing nuts, and no-taxers whom have all pushed the party to the breaking point edge. It’s front runner is despised by the establishment, and it’s runner-up attempts to cloak himself in the mantle of pseudo-religious corporatism.

Meanwhile, the opposite side of that coin in the Democratic Party is fighting it’s own battles with an almost wholesale alienation of its broad core constituency, through a sell-out to corporate interests to the extent that critics have called one of its political “family heritage” candidates a Republican in Democrat clothing, and demonize its strongest contender who is imminently more popular with the people as an idealist whose FDR-like ideas are labelled everything from communist-to-socialist, and all points in between. The political “family heritage” candidate remains the corporate media favorite, though it’s increasingly more difficult to ignore the greatest public outcry of popular support since the last presidential election, which contender is drawing crowds double that of its two-term nominee-president.

Both parties top contenders have decried overseas multinational trade deals which continue to be despised for negative net effects which most notably includes loss of domestic industrial manufacturing capacity translated as jobs, family income and domestic financial security.

One party nominee-wanna-be is vulgar, coarse, and though minimally claiming religion, is religiously unobservant as evidenced by practice. That same party’s other “major” squeaky wheel candidate claims religion and wields it like an axe or sledgehammer, to chop and pulverize.

The third so-called “dark horse” candidate is minimized by corporate media as unelectable, though increasingly appearing sane, rational, and pragmatic at almost every televised appearance. As an acknowledgment of the candidate’s genuine electability, the “opposition” party faithful have increased negative reporting on minor inconsequential matters associated with the candidate – which in turn, appears as trivial as it genuinely is.

No candidate – no matter how ideal – is, or ever will be perfect. And the greatest matter of politics is not only ideas and ideals, but cooperation, collaboration, and compromise. Politics is the art of compromise and is first learned at home in our families as children, because no one in a healthy family gets their own way all the time. But, on occasion, daddy gets his way; on occasion mama gets her way; and on occasion – by mutual consent of mama & daddy – the children get their way. And when each one tajes turn getting their way, no one is harmed individually, nor does the nuclear family suffer.

Some continue to feel and believe that taxes are a “necessary evil,” as if they had little or no control over where or how their money is spent. And, there is significantly increasing evidence that the burden of taxation is being unjustly and unfairly levied upon those who cannot, and ought not fully bear it, such as the impoverished, including low wage earners in humble though honorable service sector jobs, the elderly, pensioners and retirees, those on “fixed incomes,” the medically disabled, and others similarly situated. Sadly, the Average American Family is equally feeling the pinch by being squeezed for more while those most capable are gaming the system and getting off scot-free.

There are three people who must move an 800-pound object. They are:
1.) A Strongman Body-builder;
2.) An Average Man, and;
3.) An 80-year old 80-pound Granny.

It would be unfair, unjust and unrealistic to expect or require the 80-year old 80-pound Granny to do the most work, and it would be equally unrealistic to expect or require the Average Man to be capable of fully shouldering the burden alone, or even performing the majority portion of work required to move an 800-pound object. However, it would be fully reasonable, rational, and even realistic to expect and require the Strongman Body-builder to pull his fair share, to perform the best, and bear the majority portion of work needed to accomplish the task of moving an 800-pound object. It would also be reasonable, rational, and realistic to expect and enjoin the Average Man to be a member of that team, and work together with the Strongman Body-builder to move the 800-pound object. Were the 80-year old 80-pound Granny to be included as a member of that team, it would be in a non-physical, non-weight bearing capacity, to provide motivation, encouragement, and wisdom for guidance, as almost every culture throughout time has so esteemed and honored their elderly.

The example above is an analogy of progressive taxation. In order, the three characters represent:
1.) the Wealthy and their Corporations;
2.) the Average American Family, and;
3.) the impoverished, including low wage earners in humble though honorable service sector jobs, the elderly, pensioners and retirees, those on “fixed incomes,” the medically disabled, and others similarly situated.

In a representative government, the people have a voice about how things are run. Even those who, for whatever reason, choose not to vote, have a voice. One person has one vote. Our national motto “E pluribus unum,” means “out of many, one.”

However, when, in the hallowed halls of justice, unrighteousness is celebrated, and justice is perverted through the abundance of the corrupting influence of money in which entities that cannot register to vote – most notably as corporations – are given voice through the corrupting influence of money, then money talks. And, it speaks only to those to whom it is given, instead of being based upon actions based upon whether an idea is good, or bad.

The basis is this the more money there is with an idea, the more “right,” or “better” that idea is. Poverty automatically loses, and money is king.

Might makes right.

I have more money than you, therefore I’m more righteous, holy or better than you. I can give more money and buy the influence of whomever I want.

No matter how you slice it, that idea & practice comes up peanuts. It’s stupid.

The root of such abuse is greed, and in our modern case, it is Greed Gone Wild which is otherwise known as Avarice. To put it more colloquially, it may also be summarized as the “Get all you can, can all you get, and sit on the rest” philosophy – which is not a good Rule of Life.

When we all work together for our common good, everyone benefits. When we practice divide and conquer we all lose, because we are one.

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