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Reinvigorating Our Workforce

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Youth employment apprenticeshipsI have long advocated some type of national service for ALL – and ALL means ALL – for ALL have something to contribute.

Whether that service is by a paraplegic youth with computer skills, or a high school footballer with a strong back, or an art student with creative skills, every high school graduate can and should be expected to contribute to our nation through service to our local & state communities, and to our nation.Disabled-youth-can work

Were our nation to become serious about infrastructure repair & expansion, were our nation serious about jobs & employment, were our nation serious about economic vitality & personal responsibility, we would put our money where our mouth is by revamping and expanding Job Corps to include a base income that would be FOREVER TAX FREE which was earned in their period of participation in Job Corps. A similar concept – making military pay up to Pay Grade E-3 or E-4 FOREVER TAX FREE – would be economically & fiscally invigorating. That money could be used to start a business, be invested, or used for any purpose – but the principle would be FOREVER TAX FREE.Youth-hospitality-jobs

Youth Construction EmploymentImagine the possibilities, and what it would be like to have a reinvigorated public workforce at every governmental office, at every publicly-funded and taxpayer-supported agency, at every county or city garage and mechanic’s station, at every school, military installation, and public park.

The ideas and institutions we now have are good, but languish on the vine because of starvation (the withholding of tax support). Thus, our economic infrastructure withers and deteriorates. Youth IT Coding

Automotive Repair instructionThe very idea of taxation is that money comes from the private sector and is returned to the private sector. The channels of distribution (spending) are increased, and reinvigorated by that very action. No, it’s not a “socialist” or “communist” ideal, because there NEVER has been, nor will there ever be a government factory in the United States. Every raw material and all the manpower comes from the private sector.

Planning & ideasAnd ~that!~ is why governmental taxation and spending is almost always a significant benefit to the economy – precisely because the government is a participant in a “free market” economy, and stands in stark contrast to for-profit enterprise… because it doesn’t necessarily have to be concerned with profit-making and returning a portion to shareholders. It only has to be concerned with high quality service, and fiscally “breaking even” through efficiency.VYCC summer-crew

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