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Key Questions for #ALpolitics Mainstream Journalists

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Key Questions for Mainstream Journalists

By Donald V. Watkins
Posted to Facebook 6 October 2015
Used with permission

I know it is not my job to tell mainstream media journalists what questions to ask Governor Robert Bentley (assuming they have the courage to ask him any questions about his infidelity scandal), but I would suggest the questions below for them ask the governor (assuming they want to regain their credibility):

1. Why did you hire David Byrne as your chief legal advisor after he presided over the massive collapse of Colonial Bank in 2011, which cost the FDIC an estimated $3 billion in loses and cost Colonial shareholders billions of dollars in lost shareholder valve?

2. What possible value could Byrne have brought to your administration that would outweigh the billions of dollars in catastrophic economic damages that occurred on his watch as general counsel, senior executive vice president, and corporate secretary at Colonial Bank?

3. Why did you cause the hiring of Sarah Moore as the Administrator of the Alabama Credit Union Association when you knew that Ms. Moore was Colonial Bank’s senior executive vice president and chief financial officer for 13 years when the bank collapsed?

4. Why have you refused to voluntarily release all of the text messages between you and Rebekah Mason since 2011?

5. Did Mike Echols, your longtime personal accountant and campaign treasurer, resign from handling your personal and campaign financial affairs a couple of months ago because you asked him to write a check from your 501(c)(4) non-profit to Rebekah Mason, and Echols refused to do so?

6. When did the Alabama Council on Excellent Government meet to authorize any payments to Rebekah Mason? What person(s) issued the checks to Rebekah from this account when Mike Echols refused to do so?

7. Why did you place troopers on your security detail under confidentiality agreements? Why did Wendell Ray Lewis refuse to sign one?

8. Why did Seth Hammett resign? Did Hammett try to get Wendell Ray Lewis to sign a confidentiality agreement?

9. Why did you change the governor’s suite of offices to make staff access to your personal office more difficult and controlled? Did this change occur after you were caught in a compromising position with Rebekah?

10. Did you consult your senior political advisor prior to endorsing Governor John Kasich for president, or was this endorsement the product of your own political thinking?

I did not copyright this article because I want my fellow journalists to feel free to use these questions without checking with me for prior permission to do so.

The photo below shows David Byrne (left) with Robert Bentley (right) and is provided as a courtesy of Julie Bennett at AL.com.

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