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“Stupid is as stupid does.” Alabama State Idiot/Auditor Jim Zeigler Shoots Off Mouth, Website Violates @Wikimedia Trademark

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, June 21, 2015

“If you need to carry a gun in church, His Grace is NOT sufficient, and stop pretending you believe that it is.”

Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler has – like many Alabama politicians – stuck his big flat foot into his gaping stupid mouth… again.

This time, he’s on record as saying that, “Church attendees should pack. Each church should have a vigilance committee of individuals who pack and who develop their own plans for defense from an attack. Calling 911 and waiting for government defense will not work. Without armed citizens in the church congregation, they are sitting ducks for criminals and terrorists.”

Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler Tweet

Late night Tweet by Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, which, as one respondent wrote, “I’ll attribute this to tequila shots.”

Until he was elected to the office of State Auditor, Jim Zeigler was merely a laughingstock and perennial candidate for various state-level offices having campaigned six times, whose exclusive experience in the political arena was an appearance as SGA President at UofA Tuscaloosa campus, and a one-time stint on the Alabama Public Service Commission in 1974 when he was aged 21. Following his departure from the APSC, he was mockingly derided as “Mr. 49%” throughout that time for his regular losses to elected office.


He was by no means qualified for office through any experience, knowledge, skill, education, or training that he received, or license that he possessed – and he possesses one, that of attorney.

His chief claim to fame may be considered as nuisance to state government because of his regular lawsuits against the state, and numerous complaints he lodged with the State Ethics Commission.

That he was elected speaks more of the ignorance of the Alabama electorate than anything else.

By and through his actions, Zeigler has continually demonstrated that he is merely another incompetent boob who wa$te$ preciou$ taxpayer re$ource$ in frivolou$ law$uit$.

Website for Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, an attorney, which deliberately

Screenshot of personal website for Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, an attorney, which deliberately “‘mimics the look and feel’ of a Wikimedia site,” in violation of Wikimedia Foundation Trademark Policy.

His personal website – ZeiglerStory.com – is a deliberate deception, links to the Official Alabama State Auditor website, and masquerades as a Wikipedia page to fool the unwary and undiscerning, and – according to the Wikimedia Foundation (owners of the Wikipedia logo) – is a trademark violation which specifically prohibits creating “a website that mimics the “look and feel” of a Wikimedia site,” and “especially applies to imitated Wikipedia articles.”

Official Alabama State Auditor Website where Jim Zeigler - State Auditor - links his personal website, which because of its deliberate design, violates Wikimedia Foundation Trademark

Screenshot of Official Alabama State Auditor Website where Jim Zeigler in his official capacity as State Auditor links his personal website, which because of its deliberate design, violates Wikimedia Foundation Trademark

The Wikimedia Foundation Trademark Policy also specifically forbids use by those who want to “create the impression that your use is in any way endorsed, sponsored by, or is part of the Wikimedia Foundation.”

In addition to being a regularly appearing idiot du jour, Jim Zeigler is a hypocritical nutjob, rabble rouser, next go ’round, come election time, his foolish shenanigans will be seen clearly for what they are, and he could be resoundingly defeated by Miranda Joseph, who was (and remains) exceedingly and imminently qualified above and beyond Jim Zeigler.

The Alabama State Auditor website lists official contact information for him in his capacity as State Auditor as follows:
(334) 242-7010
email: jim.zeigler@auditor.alabama.gov.

According to records maintained by the Alabama Bar Association, Jim Zeigler graduated from Jones School of Law in Montgomery (which was founded by an ardent segregationist), was admitted to the state bar in 1978, and before election as State Auditor, maintained an office and practice in Mobile.


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