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Alabama’s Fine Kettle Of Fish

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, May 24, 2015

Someone asked:
“Getting Alabama’s voters to overhaul the state constitution seems like a pipedream. Do we accept things as they are, and go about our business? I’m ready to overthrow ALL of Montgomery, purge the place, and start over.”

I responded as follows:
There’s certainly no question we’ve a fine kettle of fish to fry. These clowns have NO agenda, and are just flying by the seat of their pants, inventing some asinine idea at the drop of a hat, one day to the next.

Sadly, the people, for the greatest part, are blithely unaware of the shenanigans and goings-on amongst the Goat Hill Gangsters. The “media” – by which I mean the AL dot com folks in Huntsville, Birmingham & Mobile, the high-powered Owner/Operator suits of privately-held parent firm Advance Media/Condé Nast/Newhouse News – have purposely cut back publication, which is in my estimation, part & parcel of the “mushroom strategy” of operations – feed ’em shit & keep ’em in the dark.

More to the point, however, and to respond to your question “what’s the answer?,” it’s going to take a grass-roots-level wholesale drive to alert the state to the goings-on by the Goat Hill Gangsters, and possibly with some creative help from very hungry attorneys willing to go balls-to-the-wall in filing lawsuits, federal lawsuits, local lawsuits, and even class-action lawsuits, to force their hand until they’re hounded to the point of wearisomeness and thereby give heed to the people’s ideas.

There has already been a Constitution rewritten in 1983, which may be found here:

Oddly enough, the State Supreme Court turned down the document based upon the idea that the people didn’t have a say in it’s rewrite. However, the Constitutional provision under which the State’s Court System is now operating was rewritten in much the same – if not exact – fashion. So for them to assert un-Constitutionality and then operate under the same premise is not merely hypocritical, it is – as they ruled – unConstitutional. But we’ll save that icing for another cake.

Mark my words: There WILL be lawsuits from this legislature & budgeting process. I am NOT holding my breath for the Feds to step in and place the ADOC (AL Dept of Corrections) in receivership, and in fact, am anticipating it within a year. The Feds did CA with 140%, and AL is at 200%+ capacity. It ~will~ happen. It’s only a matter of time. Once it does, they won’t give a gawddamn flying rat’s ass where the money comes from… only that it MUST be there to DO what they demand. And THEN – and only then – will taxes be raised as they ought, and change, my brother, WILL be in the air.

It will inure, and reinforce a justification of and everlasting sense of hatred for Washington, however, to the everlasting ire of many right-wing-extremist types, which doesn’t matter anyway – because those ignoramuses already hate D.C.

Bottom line?

Sweet Home will be kicked into the 21st century, like it, or not.

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