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Alabama Politics: Just Another Day In Paradise

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Opining upon the notion of Alabama State Senator Del Marsh’s casino gambling plan to fund Medicaid, someone wrote, “[It’s] The only voluntary tax I know of. If you don’t want to play don’t pay.”

The retort was, “I’m finding myself more open to this lately however; once someone loses their house, job, family etc., don’t come crying for taxpayers to take care of you.”

To which came this reply, “Those people are already finding ways to gamble their lives away. They don’t need a lottery.”

My response follows.

“Those people,” are the Legislators.

In this one thing, I share the Governor’s sentiment – which he ineffectually (no surprise there) communicates:

Lottery will NEVER remedy poor fiscal policy, with which Alabama is replete.

In almost every lottery situation, law demands that the proceeds from lottery are to be used to supplement – not supplant – existing revenue. And in this single instance authored by Senator Del Marsh (R, Anniston) it is being used to supplant – to replace – existing sources of revenue. And that is an extremely misguided notion.

I support the idea of lottery for education but NOT for Medicaid which is exactly what his idea does.

It’s a bad joke – but a joke nonetheless – that in Marsh’s lottery scenario, one would purchase a lottery ticket… and if they win, they get healthcare.

Instead, Governor Bentley should grow a pair and expand Medicaid!

By so doing, it would save well over 20% of the state’s total budget.

Research has shown continually over the years! that for every $1 spent by the Alabama Medicaid agency, it accounts for nearly $8 of additional spending in the private sector.

The cost of the expansion would be paid for by the additional revenues which would be generated in the private sector by so expanding.

Presently, the percentage paid by Alabama as their portion for federal matching is HIGHER then it would be if Governor Bentley were to expand Medicaid.

Yes, that’s correct…

Alabama would pay a lower percentage if Medicaid was expanded!

But this legislature – which promoted themselves as ones with fiscal accountability – are only proving to be liars and thieves. It is now time to repay the money they borrowed from the Trust Fund via Amendment 1 (Alabama Medicaid Amendment, by Special Election, September 18, 2012), and they are reneging.

The problems facing the state are greater than enormous – they are phenomenal and potentially bankrupting. Plus, Alabama is bound by federal law – as are other states – to fulfill the obligations that they promised to uphold, both in the federal Constitution, and according to the terms of the money which they receive (which other states also receive). A significant portion of Alabama’s budget comes from the federal government. Yes, Alabama is at THAT impoverished! And, I am sad to report that under Governor Bentley poverty in Alabama has increased. I pay close attention to those details and statistics, and the sad fact of the matter is, that Governor Bentley is a coward, a liar, and an inept governor – much like he was as a legislator from Tuscaloosa.

The practices Alabama has suffered over the years – largely as a result of the 1901 Constitution – are driving it into the poor house. The legislature is not any help! In fact, they are actually considering increasing the pay of Probate Judges!

To say Alabama is corrupt would be like saying Al Capone was as pure as the driven snow – it is a gross mischaracterization of the highest and first order!

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