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Alabama Governor Bentley Broke 20 Promises From 2010 Campaign

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, October 13, 2014

Broken Bentley Campaign Promises2sB

Robert Bentley, MD will say ANYTHING to get elected. In fact, he did. Is there any reason to believe he won’t do it again? He had no intention of fulfilling any of those promises. And that, my friends, is the definition of a sociopathic liar.
Sociopathic Liars are defined as someone who lies continuously in an attempt to get their own way, without showing care or concern for others. These individuals are goal-oriented. Even though it might seem hard to believe, lying is focused – they are focused on getting their own way. Sociopaths don’t have a lot of respect or regard for the feelings and rights of others. They tend to be charismatic and charming, but they will use their exceptional social skills in a self-centered and manipulative manner.

Having met with Alabama Governor Bentley a couple times, I can attest that he came across to me as a “nice guy,” a decent human being.

However – and to be absolutely certain – when I refer to Robert Bentley, or Governor Bentley, I mean to refer to him as an elected political figure, nothing more. And in that sense, as a legislator from Tuscaloosa, he was an inept, do-nothing, milquetoast, mamby-pamby, clueless, bumbling, cowardly, lazy, yellow-bellied, gutless, craven, unimaginative, clueless, pedestrian, hackneyed, lame and feeble Representative.

As Governor, he has given Alabama all that, and more… in spades!

As an elected official, Governor Bentley is a liar, and there are LITERALLY 15-20 broken promises he made while in the 2010 campaign that were very likely the hopes upon which Alabamians hung their hat, and ideas for which they cast their vote. His Democratic contender – Ron Sparks – was a man who, as Secretary of Agriculture and Industries, had his finger on the economic pulse of the state of Alabama. Ron was the man whom opened doors of market opportunity for Alabama’s farmers to sell poultry in foreign markets. Ron regularly communicated with the captains of industry in Alabama, as well the numerous entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, and Mom & Pop shops, which are the lifeblood of any economy.

Bentley’s campaign is nothing more one Broken Promise after another. It is a history of lies, infidelity, and willful deception. To characterize his administration as duplicitous would be generously diplomatic. To say it has been treacherously fraudulent would be more accurate.

Here are what I consider the Top Ten Bentley Campaign Lies from 2010.

Robert Bentley’s Campaign of Broken Promises

(none of which have been realized as of this writing – “quotations” used to indicate verbatim language):

1.) Bentley Campaign promised to “create a Western Corridor from Mobile to the Tri-Cities.”
2.) Bentley Campaign promised to “complete an I-10 Corridor connector for Southeastern Alabama.”
3.) Bentley Campaign promised “to implement the 2 4-lane North-South corridors for East & West AL.”
4.) Bentley Campaign promised to “form a statewide commission… to address infrastructure.”
5.) Bentley Campaign promised “100% tax deduction for health insurance costs.”
6.) Bentley Campaign promised MedRecords on “portable keychain-sized flash drive” for MD visits.
7.) Bentley Campaign promised to create a “cabinet-level Director of Small Business.”
8.) Bentley Campaign promised “legislation to make all political party funds transparent.”
9.) Bentley Campaign promised to “modernize ALDOT based on bipartisan expert panel.”
10.) Bentley Campaign “I will always encourage the creation of state Health Insurance exchanges.”

Feeling kinda’ froggy?
Want 5ive more?

11.) Bentley Campaign “I have opposed any & all legislation that allows gambling & will continue doing so.”
12.) Bentley Campaign promised “a bipartisan consensus on the issue of decreasing energy costs.”
13.) Bentley Campaign promised public education colleges funding & spending be posted on the Internet.
14.) Bentley Campaign promised “every teacher has state of the art technology to nurture & teach.”
15.) Bentley Campaign: “I have real world solutions that will result in affordable & accessible healthcare.”

Are you fed up?
Feel like more?

16.) Bentley Campaign promised to “push for my change in the property tax evaluation process.”
17.) Bentley Campaign promised to “increase the salaries of… most qualified law enforcement.”
18.) Bentley Campaign promised to “fully fund K-12 & Pre-K education & provide new funding.”
19.) Bentley Campaign “I will seek elimination of waste, duplication & inefficiency” in ALDOT.
20.) Bentley Campaign promised to “protect the most vulnerable in our society.”

6 Responses to “Alabama Governor Bentley Broke 20 Promises From 2010 Campaign”

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  5. ted martino said

    he also lied about giving the voters a straight yes or no vote gambling. I knew he was a liar and a hypocrite. Typical Alabama politican


  6. ted martino said

    he lied about giving the people a vote on gambling. He a the perfect politician for Alabama. a liar, a hypocrite and a fornicator.


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