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Radical Right Wing Extremist Girl-Holding-A-Microphone Pretends To Interview Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recently, I had the opportunity to view a YouTube video which, as I considered the title, immediately aroused suspicion.

You too, can view the video, which is linked herein at the close.

The title is Kennedy Jr. Loses Cool at Climate Rally; Gets Handsy w/ PJTV’s Michelle Fields When She Corners Him.”

Think about it for a brief moment. You’re cornered. What’re you gonna’ do?


So anyway, points deducted for that.

Who is this “PJTV,” anyway?

Here’s what they say about themselves:PJTV is the first center-right online news and commentary television network, focusing on the key political and economic issues of the day.

Okay… great. Right wingers. So what?

Well, I’m no fan of the radical right, so points deducted for that.

‘What?!,’ you exclaim?! ‘You don’t like the right?’

Not quite. It’s the RADICAL RIGHT which I oppose. Note the presence of the word RADICAL which precedes the word “right.”

But let’s talk about the video.

The Girl Holding A Microphone (whom identifies herself as “Michelle Fields”) claims to be at the People’s Climate March in New York City, Sunday, 21 September 2014, and accosts Mr. Kennedy with a barrage of questions, most of which make no sense, and all of which are based upon flawed reasoning. For example, she begins by asking, “Do you have an iPhone or an Android?”

Mr. Kennedy responds by saying, “I have a cell phone.”

She continues asking, ” You do? Are you concerned about the damage that the cell phone and electricity generation causes to the environment?”

Mr. Kennedy replies, “Are you joking about this?”

She quickly interrupts him saying, “No, I wanna’ know if you’re willing to give up your iPhone.”

Mr. Kennedy, sensing the rouse, interjects, and Girl Holding A Microphone then brings the microphone closer to her face, and asks, “Are you willing to… Why not?”

The tenor of the so-called “interview” has, in less than 60 seconds already deteriorated into an assault, with the screechy-voiced Girl Holding The Microphone being the assailant.

She continues her verbal barrage with, “Doesn’t it start with people like you? You’re here saying you want…”

Mr. Kennedy, apparently not surprised by her attack, responds, “No, it starts by changing the law to rationalize the marketplace, so that we reward the most efficient forms of energy used, and we punish the bad ones…”

Interrupting, Girl Holding A Microphone inquires, “But shouldn’t you lead by example?”

Mr. Kennedy replies, “I do lead by example.”

Girl Holding A Microphone quickly retorts asking, “So, are you gonna’ give up your cell phone?”

Mr. Kennedy goes along with her ruse, and says “No, I’m not going to give up my cell phone.”

Girl Holding A Microphone, smiling as she verbally accosts Mr. Kennedy, again quickly asks, “Are you gonna’ give up your car?”

Mr. Kennedy asks her, “Are you gonna’ give up yours?”

Girl Holding A Microphone, apparently gleefully enjoying herself, replies saying, “I’m not the one who’s here… uh… talking about the environment. You’re here trying to change the environment, trying to change the law… so I’m asking if you’re going… if you’re going to lead by example.”

Mr Kennedy, “No, I’m not going to stop using a cell phone, and I’m not going to stop using a… I don’t believe that that we have to reduce our quality of life to in order to have a rational free market, in order to stop the use of carbon, in order to divorce ourselves from a fuel that is destroying our planet. What we need to do is change the laws. It’s much more important to change your politician than it is to change your light bulb, or your cell phone, or your automobile. It’s much more important because right now, the Koch brothers own the Tea Party, they own the Republican party, and they own a lot of the Democratic party. And if they were saying to us, ‘Listen, we don’t care what kind of car you use, but we’re gonna’ make a law that says you can’t make a car in this country unless it gets 40 miles per gallon, or you can’t make a car unless it’s an electric car… and everybody’s quality of life can be maintained,  we don’t have to go to war, and spend 4 trillion dollars on foreign wars because the Koch brothers are gonna’ make higher profits from doing that…’ And one of the biggest canards that the press is falling for, is by blaming individuals for their own choices. That’s not the issue. The issue is what’s happening on Capitol Hill and that’s the thing you guys aren’t paying attention to. You’re letting these people, you’re letting the Koch brothers run our country, subvert our democracy, corrupt our politicians, capture the agencies…”

Interrupting, Girl Holding A Microphone quickly moves the microphone to herself, and interjects, “You can say the same thing about... (unintelligible)”

Mr. Kennedy, attuned to her tactics, directs the microphone back to himself and continues saying, “…capture the agencies that are protecting the rest of us from pollution, and destroying local democracy on every level. And that’s what you ought to be paying attention to, rather than asking trivial, and inane questions about what kind of car somebody drives, or whether or not they use cell phones.”

At that point, Girl Holding A Microphone quickly ends her verbal assault & barrage thinly disguised as an “interview.”

The point of the matter, and about which I write, is not the alleged subject content of either party, but rather, the faults and flaws in the approach she takes – and I do NOT mean to refer to her tactics or her technique. I specifically mean to refer to the flaws that are logically, and rationally present in the argument she attempts to make by question.

Mr. Kennedy, apparently fully aware of her faulty tactics and subversive efforts, responds to the matter appropriately by identifying an underlying problem.

Again, logically and rationally, Girl Holding A Microphone attempts to follow a line of thinking which asserts that – as Mr. Kennedy so noted – “I don’t believe that that we have to reduce our quality of life to in order to have a rational free market, in order to stop the use of carbon, in order to divorce ourselves from a fuel that is destroying our planet.”

What Girl Holding A Microphone attempts to do by her questions, is assert that people should essentially return to the Stone Age, wherein a presumably pristine environment, uncontaminated by human invention, can only exist in some version of Right Wing Extremist’s imagination – a veritable Neolithic fantasy.

Her presumptive argument relies entirely upon an uncreative mind, pretending that fires can only be started by lightening, by rubbing two sticks together vigorously, or by striking flint upon another piece of rock. That “Flintstones” version of a Right Wing Extremist’s fantasy is wholly unfounded, and altogether ignores the creative capacity of human beings. And it is precisely such willful ignorance upon which Right Wing Extremists hope to capitalize – and THAT is, in large part, why it is THEIR best interest to keep peoplelargely poor, uneducated, and easy to command.”

An educated voter is a dangerous prospect for the elite.

And FYI, Thomas Jefferson most certainly did NOT originate the phrase “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” According to Anna Berkes, writing on Monticello.org (a repository of T. Jefferson’s writings, and research upon the same), the spurious quotation was “an accurate paraphrase of Jefferson’s views on education, but the exact phrasing seems to belong to the author of the article (on the now defunct website PicktheBusiness.com, ed.), and not Jefferson.”

THIS, quotation, however, IS ABSOLUTELY by Thomas Jefferson, and is excerpted from his “Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge” circa December 1778, and found in the repository by Dixon & Holt, Richmond, 1784:

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