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The Future of Computing, the Internet & Healthcare

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, August 24, 2014

“Mature” applications’ resurrection will hinge upon touch-screen technology which will further cement the GUI as a future power broker, and external scripts -which presently have numerous problems inherent to their own shortcomings- will become inherently integrated within the framework of an OS while HTML will morph into a similarly integrative & secure distributive computing platform (P2P), which proof of concept has been demonstrated by BitTorrent & Tor.

Security will be similarly integrative, insofar as devices will only be accessible by their registered owners vis-a-vis on-board retinal scans & body temperature/motion sensors. The devices will always be “on,” and the control points to network access -which will be global (literally)- will be only accessed by those registered devices. No unregistered device will be able to access anything until after a retinal scan has been performed on-site at an authorized purchase point. Periodic RSUs (Retinal Scan Updates) will recognize minor changes to the iris & retina. RSUs will also be sent to the HCDB (Health Care Data Base), whereupon practitioners will be notified electronically, and medications prescribed and dispensed by automation. Tonometry (measurement of intraocular pressure) will guide diagnostic processes.

Naturally, individual device registration & “always on” features will eliminate most need for security, since every keystroke and packet will be monitored, and the point of origination known. There will be no claims for theft of devices, because the devices will always be reporting their positions, and cannot be turned off.

Governments will create Data Ministries & Departments of Information which will similarly establish, secure & monitor networks and traffic, and installers.

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