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The World is FULL…

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, March 23, 2014

…Of dumbfucks.

Don’t be a dumbfuck.

Be a smartfuck.

I get tired of reading utterly retarded, idiotic, nonsensical, moronic, stupid comments.

For example, some shortsighted mental midget thought it would be kewl idea to share with you, dear readers, that it would be a good idea to hack the iPhone and completely bypass the Apple ID registration process, and enumerated in part what would be partial consequences of employing such a hack. And it is a hack.

My reply to the response follows.



Zero, you do not require an Apple USERNAME
to activate a device to iOS 7. The Setup Assistant will not require an Apple company company ID.

You can want to skip that action.

An Apple ID is only needed to use iMessage, to
employ Facetime via Apple company ID, to use iCloud to
back up or sync info, or to go shopping & downloads inside iTunes
& App stores. It is fairly easy to use an iPhone lacking Apple ID.

Moreover, this sounds similar to an issue using Activation Lock, the location where the user needs the
previous Apple ID & Pass word. Creating a new Apple ID will never
resolve that matter either. They will have to recover the neglected Apple ID & Security password, using iforgot.
apple company company. com

Good reports for iPhone proprietors. Dev-Team come having a easy and fast
solution to bypass ios 7 activation screen. To describe more, this tool
get rid of iCloud account stored on your own device, and
will activate all system functions(calls, wifi, and thus on).

You cand down load this tool underneath, in two versions, for
windows as well as mac.


Hi BPIC! Let me see if I understand what you’re saying.
If folks do NOT want to:
• Use iCloud (to back up all information on iPhone – including pictures, apps -AND- the Find iPhone app)
• Use iTunes (to download movies, music, apps or books)
• Use FaceTime
• Use iMessage
then folks should just just completely skip/omit creating an Apple User ID, and hack the iPhone.
Is that it?
What are you?
Oh yeah… thanks for sharing with us all how utterly stupid that idea is.

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