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Dumb Dope Smugglers Lose Little Load

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, November 23, 2013

From the third episode of “dumberer & more dumberer” comes this asinine item.

Officials: Package at Daikin plant marijuana, not bomb

By Eric Fleischauer Staff Writer | Posted: Thursday, November 21, 2013 9:54 am

Authorities have determined a suspicious package attached to a rail car in Decatur was not a bomb but contained marijuana, Morgan County officials said.

The rail car contained toxic gas and was at the Daikin America plant on State Docks Road.

Investigators said they believe the marijuana had been on the rail car since it was in Mexico. They said the package was the size of a large telephone book and contained 1 to 2 kilograms of marijuana. They believe the rail car entered the United States in Brownsville, Texas.

The package was in the dome on top of the rail car. It was discovered when

Daikin employees noticed the seal on the dome was broken. They looked, saw the package and reported it.

Decatur, Alabama police released photos of the package found on the rail car today.

Decatur, Alabama police released photos of the package found on the rail car today.

Students in at least 11 schools and on two local college campuses and employees at several industries were dismissed after Decatur Police Department received word of the package at 7:40 a.m. Students at all schools within five miles of the rail car were relocated to more distant schools.

Alabama 20 also was closed to traffic between Woodall Road and Alabama 67, police said, and Tennessee River traffic was stopped until the package could be investigated.

The 80-ton rail car contains hydrogen fluoride, a hazardous material that can cause death when inhaled and severe burns upon contact. Decatur Police Department Lt. John Crouch did not know how much of the chemical the rail car contains.

Bill Hopkins Jr., Morgan County schools superintendent, said officials were told to evacuate schools within five miles of Daikin. The only Morgan schools affected were the West Morgan schools.

The following schools were dismissed:

  • Julian Harris
  • Leon Sheffield
  • Benjamin Davis
  • Woodmeade
  • West Decatur
  • Tanner
  • West Morgan schools
  • Clements High
  • Blue Springs Elementary
  • East Lawrence schools
  • Austin High students who have their own vehicles were dismissed at 11:20 a.m. Other students were in the school cafeteria until parents could check them out.

All other Decaturs City Schools had a liberal check-out policy.

Decatur elementary students were to be relocated to middle schools as follows:

  • Benjamin Davis to Brookhaven
  • Leon Sheffield to Oak Park
  • Julian Harris to Cedar Ridge
  • West Decatur to Brookhaven
  • Woodmeade to Brookhaven

West Morgan students who weren’t picked up or didn’t have a place to go were to be transported by school buses to Danville High’s gym.

East Lawrence students were to be taken to A.W. Todd Coliseum in Moulton starting at 11 a.m. Parents can pick up their children from the coliseum.

Limestone County was moving students as follows:

Representatives from Decatur police, Decatur Fire and Rescue, Huntsville Bomb Squad and the FBI were at Daikin.


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