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President Barack Obama to visit Chattanooga, Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chattanooga is an old, old, old, old city.

It’s older than Civil War old.

Throughout the city there are narrow streets, many (if not most) of which need widening and repaving. Interstate 24, which leads into the city, is in sore need of widening. Because of the twisting, winding route it takes as it leads into, through and around the city and it’s numerous mountains and hills, it can be treacherous. When any slowdown for any reason occurs, traffic can be backed up for 15-20 miles, or more. When wrecks occur on that route, they’re often fatal, and create even longer delays. The only other major route into the city is US Highway 72. There is no bypass. If there are problems on either of those two routes, significant delays can take hours. (See a Google Map of the area.)

It has a university – University of Tennessee, Chattanooga – with other smaller colleges & universities nearby (Lee University, in Cleveland & Southern Adventist University, in Collegedale). One of three hospitals in the area (each which has numerous campuses) Erlanger, is a Level One Trauma Center, and teaching hospital for the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Memorial Hospital, is part of the Catholic Health Initiatives system, and is a teaching hospital, while Parkridge Hospital is operated by TriStar Health.

Because of industrial waste released by area manufacturing, in 1969, Chattanooga had the filthiest air in the nation. The Tennessee River which serves as a boundary for the area was equally polluted. For many years, troubles GALORE plagued the city, including economic inequality, poor race relations, deteriorating economic infrastructure, rapid population decline, and departure of industry.

Recognizing that the city and area residents were suffering a slow suicide, officials and interested citizens embarked upon a plan to revitalize the area, including cleaning up industrial waste, reinvigorating the economy with employment opportunity, and looking forward, rather than backward.

EPB (Electric Power Board), one of the public utilities in the area, came upon an idea to infuse their power grid with Fiber Optic cable to enable better response times, to pinpoint areas of concern, and to re-route electricity during power outages when lines were downed by trees or severe weather. They faced stiff opposition in the form of legal fights by Comcast (principally), yet were successful in overcoming. In turn, they sold High Speed fiber optic Internet Connectivity to area residents at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to the Wall-Street-traded Comcast. They also provide better service.

While the area’s renaissance is by no means complete, it has advanced with enormously significant strides.


Obama to visit uneven Chattanooga area recovery

published Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Mike Pare, deputy Business editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Mike Pare MPare@TimesFreepress.com phone: 423-757-6318

Mike Pare, Deputy Business Editor, Chattanooga Times Free Press; MPare@ TimesFreePress.com phone: (423) 757-6318

by Mike Pare
view bio

When President Barack Obama flies into Chattanooga on Tuesday to tout new economic initiatives, he’ll see a city recognized in a national study as a metro area emerging from the recession as an “economic frontrunner.”

Area Development, a national business magazine covering site selection and relocation, ranked metro Chattanooga at No. 86 — in the top quarter — among 380 metro areas examined for the study titled “Leading Locations for 2013.”

While in Chattanooga Obama is expected to unveil new ways to spur the nation’s sluggish economic recovery.

At the Amazon distribution center at Enterprise South industrial park, the president will see a growing, state-of-the-art distribution facility with 1,800 full-time jobs created since 2011. The Chattanooga facility, along with a similar fulfillment site in Charleston, Tenn., were estimated to have had about 5,000 full-time and temporary jobs last Christmas season.

“The Amazon facility in Chattanooga is a perfect example of the company that is investing in American workers and creating good, high-wage jobs,” Amy Brundage, deputy press secretary at the White House said Friday. “What the president wants to do is to highlight Amazon and the Chattanooga facility as an example of a company that is spurring job growth and keeping our country competitive.”

Workers process orders on assembly lines in the Chattanooga Amazon fulfillment center. Photo by Doug Strickland.

Workers process orders on assembly lines in the Chattanooga Amazon fulfillment center. Photo by Doug Strickland.

Amazon distribution facility employees can earn anywhere between $11 and $13 an hour, or about $23,00-$27,000 a year. The median household income in Chattanooga is about $37,000 a year in Chattanooga; about $44,000 a year in Tennessee, according to U.S. census data.

Amazon employees said this week they’re excited and proud Obama is visiting their distribution center, reportedly the first time the president has stopped at one of the company’s fulfillment locations nationwide.

“It says we’re pretty important as a company,” said Ashley Tibbs, of Chattanooga.

Angela Logan, another Amazon employee, said there’s a lot of preparation going on at the Chattanooga center, though she’s disappointed that she isn’t scheduled to work Tuesday.

Still, while Obama will visit one of Chattanooga’s growth hot spots at Enterprise South, the “Leading Locations” report noted the metro area lags Nashville and Knoxville and can do better, according to the study.

“I think there’s just so much uncertainty” in the general economy, said Kim White, who heads the nonprofit downtown development group River City Co.

To produce its study, the business magazine evaluated economic and workforce data both for 2011 and 2012 to measure recent performance and data from 2007 to 2012 to gauge results since the recession.

The Chattanooga area scored strong among indicators such as year-over-year growth, which the magazine said is “an incredible challenge” but the mark of “a well-managed community.”

Chattanooga lagged in the “recession-busting cities” category. These cities focus on their core assets, create positive business climates and keep costs down for existing companies and startups, the magazine stated.


Meanwhile, just across Discovery Drive from Amazon, the new Volkswagen assembly plant is employing more than 2,400 people building the Passat sedan at the industrial park. More workers could come on board if the factory lands an new VW sport utility vehicle for the United States. Other Enterprise South companies such as American Tire Distributors and eSpin Technologies have created jobs over the past few years.

Meanwhile, downtown Chattanooga has more than a half dozen new projects under way. These range from new apartments and a Publix grocery store on the North Shore, to Vision Hospitality’s corporate headquarters, to the biggest Southside office building to go up in several years.

However, the region has seen job losses this year, as well. VW laid off 500 workers this spring when Passat sales didn’t rise as high as expected. Earlier this month, Pilgrim’s Pride announced it’s cutting 200 jobs at one of its Chattanooga chicken-processing plants, and that’s in addition to about 400 its slashed last year.

Hamilton County’s jobless rate last month rose to 8.8 percent, up 0.6 percent from the previous month.

Ron Harr, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s chief executive, said the business group is working hard to “grow the economic pie” and help boost job creation.

“Coming out of the recession, that’s our core mission,” he said.

Not slated to be at Amazon on Tuesday is Jeff Bezos, the Internet giant’s founder and chief executive, because of a previous commitment. A couple of Amazon vice presidents, Dave Clark and Mike Roth, are to be in the city.

Business Editor Dave Flessner contributed to this story.

Contact Mike Pare at mpare@timesfreepress.com or 423-757-6318.

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Security officials get ready for Obama’s visit to Chattanooga


The president’s speech at Amazon will be for distribution center employees and invited guests. The event is not open to the public. The Times Free Press will be providing live coverage of the event at TimesFreePress.com.


A national business magazine recently crunched the numbers from national data sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Census Bureau among others, to rank 380 metro areas about their economic development and job grow performance since the recession. Here is how the “Leading Locations for 2013” study ranked cities:

1. Lafayette, La.

2. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif.

3. Columbus, Ind.

4. Odessa, Texas

5. Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos, Texas

Tennessee metro areas:

* Knoxville: 73

* Chattanooga: 86

* Kingsport-Bristol: 188

* Cleveland: 252

* Memphis: 311

* Johnson City: 326

Georgia metro areas:

* Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta: 181

* Rome: 319

* Dalton: 378


Huntsville: 277

Source: Area Development


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