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Fighting Fire with Fire: Standing on ALERT for more SPAM

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, July 22, 2013

For your perusal, ladies and gentlemen.

Behold the SPAM.

Recall that earlier, I’d shared tips on how to detect SPAM.

Bad speling, poor gramur, same IP address, some kind of store, and often asking for something – such as other social media locations.

Here, in this instance, notice the Time Stamp, the IP address, and the URL posted as referrer.

The Time Stamp indicates a rapid succession arrival, and the exact same IP address and referrer of the two entries.




Take note of the IP address. Notice also the exact same email address used for SPAM.

Take note of the IP address. Notice it’s EXACTLY the same. The email mail address used for SPAM is inconsequential.





Now… plug the IP address into a G search (or any other search engine), and here’s what pops up.

Is there any more confirmation needed?

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