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iPhone is disabled try again in 1 minute

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, June 23, 2013

As promised, here’s a look at the temporarily disabled screen shot.

Again, this screen appears only after entering the wrong passcode several consecutive times.

iPhone is disabled try again in 1 minute

iPhone is disabled try again in 1 minute

Note also the numerical signal strength indicator appears for the cellular & Wi-Fi radio signals.

For those who may not know, signal strength is measured as a ratio, or expression of signal loss. In other words, it asks the question “how much signal is being lost?” So, negative numbers are used. And, as you might imagine, the greater the number, e.g., -108, the greater the signal loss, and thus, the weaker the signal. For example, a signal strength of -48 is stronger than a signal strength of -108.

In other words, a reading of zero signal strength would indicate zero signal loss, and thus, a full-strength signal.


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