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Flickr revamped w 1TB of FREE storage!

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, May 20, 2013

Flickr gets revamp — with 1 TB of storage space free — and Yahoo gets new NYC office

20 May 2013
Yahoo Flickr
Summary:More news from Yahoo on Monday: The company is revamping photo-sharing service Flickr and is also opening a New York office.

Yahoo’s already had a busy Monday, what with that little $1.1 billion Tumblr acquisition, but the company had a few more announcements to make at a press conference Monday afternoon in New York. It’s revamping its photo-sharing service Flickr , which has largely been left to languish since Yahoo acquired it in 2005. “We want to make Flickr awesome again,” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said.

Flickr is getting three big updates. All users will get 1 terabyte of photo storage for free. The photo service’s interface is also being redesigned to focus on full-resolution photos, rather than words and links. And, in addition to the iOS app Flickr launched last December, there will now be an Android app.

The location of the press conference — a hotel in Times Square — became clear as Mayer announced that Yahoo has taken out a lease for office space at 229 West 43rd Street — the old New York Times building — and will be moving all 500 of its New York-based employees there.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg took the stage to say the move reflects “what a big player New York has become in the tech industry,” with Yahoo becoming “one of the largest tech presences in the city.” He noted that Tumblr is a “New York-grown company” and that NYC was the first city government to have its own Tumblr.

“Twenty years ago, if you looked out the window, there were plenty of yahoos in Times Square,” he said. “Now the Yahoos here will make an honest living … and help us grow and make our economy stronger.”


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