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4 Responses to “How much does Huntsville Hospital charge for procedures? You’d be surprised!”

  1. Jay Croft said

    There’s quite a disparity in those listings. I wonder if that’s partially because the more expensive hospitals have fancier and more expensive equipment, and they spread the cost among all patients, whether or not the equipment is used.


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Hi Jay! There are some disparities, yes, but on the whole, I was more surprised by the consistently high prices charged by HHSYS, CMC, while DG and the more rural hospitals charge less. And while it might seem reasonable to suppose the differences are due in part to equipment, I would imagine that is only a minor, and insignificant part of the equation.

      Huntsville & Madison County is an usual healthcare market for the primary reason that the BIGGEST player – the public chartered not-for-profit Huntsville Hospital (HHSYS) – is the solitary largest hospital in the county, while the significantly smaller Crestwood Medical Center (CMC) is a mere speck on the wall in comparison.

      What the area needs is a THIRD INDEPENDENT hospital to bring competition to the market. And, as you may be aware, Alabama’s Certificate of Need law and board are inherently anti-competitive. In fact, the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded that CON laws – which the federal government abandoned several years ago – are inherently anti-competitive.

      Nevertheless, I’ve not yet done a comparison with Jefferson County area hospitals. That would be phenomenally interesting, as well. As a corollary, I’ve found the reporting on this matter by Advance Media – which owns the Birmingham News, Huntsville Times & Mobile Press-Register, all found on the website AL.com – to be abysmally uninformative.


  2. Jay Croft said

    Of course the newspapers don’t want to upset the hospitals; they might pull their full-page ads that say nothing.


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