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An Encyclopedic Investment

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, March 24, 2013

The word ‘encyclopedic’ is often thought of as meaning voluminous, or containing great, or significant knowledge. However, even a casual examination of the word shows something entirely different.

In the middle of the word is ‘cyclo,’ which as we would imagine, refers to something circular, or round. Who hasn’t heard of a bi-cycle, a cycle with two wheels?

And then, there’s ‘pedia,’ and we’ve all heard of ‘pediatrics,’ the health practice concerned exclusively with children. Children, of course, need instruction and teaching.

Thus, we can begin to see that the word ‘encylopedia’ instead means to be well-rounded educationally.

And it is naturally reasonable to expect that one’s investment would yield a return. After all, we plant grass, corn or tomato seed expecting to mow the lawn, eat corn on the cob, or enjoy a fresh tomato sandwich.

Since it is reasonable to expect a return for an investment – and all investments have future yields – it is then, therefore, wise to invest in children’s education, which is, after all, their future, and not merely ours.

Why would we NOT invest in education?

Why would we refuse to wisely invest in those things which are even beyond us, which we may not enjoy, but which we hope for those who will come after us will enjoy?

Why would we squander the future upon the present?

Why would we squeeze the life out of the future by denying opportunity and refusing to maintain that very cycle of life and learning?

If those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it, then those who repeat it are not merely condemned, but are ignorant – lacking knowledge or awareness, i.e., uneducated. And who ever said of themselves that they were stupid and proud of it?

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